Shroud Picks PUBG over Apex Legends, and Here’s Why

If Shroud were to pick one of either PUBG or Apex Legends, the streamer is keen on his decision to choose PUBG.

Both games are at the forefront of the most popular and widely-acclaimed titles when it comes to battle royale. Thanks to their similar genre, the games are hardly different when it comes to their gameplay.

Apex is considerably more popular now. PUBG has been around for quite some time, remaining to be a go-to game despite the emergence of similar BR titles.

But even with the recent launch of Apex’ season 4 last February 4, which also falls on the one year anniversary of the game, Shroud is still confident to pick PUBG over the former.

His answer may surprise a lot of players and fans alike, especially with how PUBG’s on the lower end of the totem pole and the now-Mixer star doesn’t play it as often as he used to in the past.

But, Shroud did explain in a recent Youtube upload why he’d pick PUBG as a game he’d play “for the rest of his life”:

“Probably PUBG… PUBG has a way more rewarding and satisfying feeling than this game [Apex Legends].”

Shroud was also once a face of PUBG, getting his own customized cosmetic item in-game.

He further explained how he still enjoys the thrill of playing well in PUBG more than in Apex legends. It’s also a plus that you can play solo in PUBG, a feature yet to be available in the latter.

“In this game [Apex Legends], you don’t really appreciate anything that just happened… It’s really hard to put a number on it too because there are no solos in this game right? In PUBG you can play by yourself and that alone is pretty cool.”

Even after he made an impressive play in Apex, Shroud remarked how the result wasn’t satisfying at least to him.

He also lamented how he rarely feels satisfied now after making great plays on Apex, compared to when it does on PUBG.

“That was satisfying, but you don’t get a lot, that doesn’t happen that much.”

“That’s what you want in a game, you want that as much as possible, and PUBG has that very, very well because you can have a Kar-98 and that whole game gives you a chance to have that same feeling, of like ‘holy f**k, I hit a banger.'”

The gaming icon also talked about the level of competition in Apex. Apex’s skill-based matchmaking can turn public matches into rather challenging ones.

“It’s weird, why do they have that [SBMM], it kind of makes Ranked Play irrelevant.”

Shroud did note that even though he compared the two games, his comparison isn’t based on justifiable factors. Yes, PUBG has a solo mode but Apex only has a default trios playlist at the moment.

Fans were quick to comment on the gamer’s rather salty opinion on Apex:

“i feel he used to talk up on apex all the time and now he just seems like he doesnt enjoy the game”
“he’s not playing season 4 until respawn pay him money”
“Shroud sucks on apex now. He’s just being salty the entire time”

His thoughts on Apex may change though now that he’ll try out the game’s Season 4.

There’s the slight chance his liking towards Apex may get a boost if he’ll experience the amazing new content for himself!

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