Ninja calls out alleged Valorant cheaters on stream

In a recent livestream, Ninja didn’t hold back as he expressed his frustration over suspected Valorant cheaters after dying multiple times under suspicious circumstances.

It’s true though, the Valorant player community continue to highlight various cheats and bug exploits that frequent the hyped Riot 5v5 FPS title.

Valorant’s hype

Since its June release, Valorant continued to be a hot topic across online communities. It has even been compared as a direct rival to the famous FPS title Counter-Strike, with many CS:GO pros jumping ships from Valve’s tactical shooter in favor of Riot’s Valorant.

Though Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins didn’t particularly express any intention to go pro in Valorant, he has been frequently sharing gameplays of the FPS title.

After playing some time on Among Us, he hopped on a Valorant game— but it didn’t take long for it to quickly descend into a frustrating play.

Cheating in Valorant

Ninja was seen accusing multiple enemies of cheating, after he kept dying under puzzling circumstances.

His suspicions first rose when the enemy Reyna took out the streamer almost in the blink of an eye, following some slick, jaw-dropping plays.

He said in the stream:

“That Reyna’s cheating… There’s no doubt in my mind… there’s no doubt in my mind she’s cheating.”

Merely calling out the enemy won’t make any significant difference to the game. Ninja also went to confront the players via Valorant’s in-game chat, and reported the Reyna player for their suspicious plays.

Meanwhile, the strong allegations were denied by the enemy team.

A group of cheaters?

As the match progressed, Ninja soon became suspicious of the entire enemy team. This was after he was once again taken out almost immediately after rounding a corner.

He exclaims after the enemy Cypher eliminated him from the round:

“Bro that is the sussest sh*t I’ve ever seen!” “No shot, no shot… I think they might all be [cheating]. That Cypher just f**king swings, jiggles and hits me immediately. He headshots you through me, both of us simultaneously, with the pre-fire too by the way.”

No killcams

Since Valorant doesn’t have killcams like other FPS titles, it’s difficult to confirm if the opponents were truly cheating.

Ninja’s frustration increasingly grew as the match dragged on, though. It became most apparent when he expressed his feelings of dismay in a tweet:

“I just played some of the most SUS/Blatant cheaters in Valorant in a long time.”

Fans seem to agree with Ninja’s cheating allegations towards the enemy team:

“Saw it live, tough game 🙁

I hope they get voted off of Valorant.”

“That was sus af. Deserves a report and a review by Riot.”

“Was skeptical until the last peek out mid from Reyna, she peeks close wall as if she knew you were randomly pushing near B-Link.. That was blatant af”

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