What’s the most expensive thing Pokimane bought with her streamer salary?

It’s only natural to wonder, what could be the most expensive thing A-list streamers buy with their own money?

As a gamer girl icon slash Twitch celebrity, many fans keep wondering how Pokimane spends her hard-earned streaming money.

In a recent stream, the star revealed her most expensive purchase to date. Turns out— Pokimane doesn’t seem to be a big spender.

Most expensive purchase?

In a recent revelation, Pokimane says she’s unlike other famous Twitch streamers because the most expensive item she’s bought (as of late) doesn’t even go beyond five figures.

The streamer was reacting to a popular YouTube video called “Do all millionaires think the same?,” where several millionaires were gathered to discuss a variety of topics.

One topic in particular included if they have spent an “outrageous” amount of money on something, simply because they could.

This prompted Poki to ask herself the same question.

After some deliberation, Pokimane went with a “handbag” as her most expensive item. It even cost her a bit more than her gaming rig.

Her gaming PC, the one she uses for heavy streaming and gaming-related activities, is priced somewhere between $3,000 to $5,000.

Spending habits

Pokimane’s big purchases are only limited to houses or cars. However, she claims she hasn’t gone full YOLO mode and spent hundreds to thousands of dollars on items.

In fact, she has never exceeded the $50,000 or$100,000 price tag on a single item.

“I think the most expensive thing I might have purchased would probably be… I won’t lie, at one point, I was looking at some bags. And I may or may not have a bag that cost about as much as my PC, you know what I’m saying? But never $10k plus! Never five figures.”

On the contrary, she spent “way less” than $5,000 on her trip to Japan earlier this year with her OfflineTV squad.

She was joined with friends Michael Reeves, LilyPichu, Valkyrae, and Fedmyster for the 3-day adventure.

Fans were quick to hype Poki’s recent video:

“Pokimane lowkey flexing on everyone right here”

“Never 10k plus amount of money,” Pokimane 2020″

“Damn, sometimes I forget how logical pokimane’s opinions are. Might start listening to them podcasts with interesting topics”

Her spending habits can be quite described as thrifty in comparison with other Twitch streamers, like shroud who revealed he once spent $13,000 on a private jet just to make it home in time for a World of Warcraft: Classic raid.

If you’re wondering what Pokimane’s current net worth is, a quick Google search would land you a result of $2 million.

But then, Pokimane herself commented about the information back in February and confirmed her actual net worth was nowhere near the number.

She even joked about how she wished it were the situation, though!

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