Twitch under fire for deleting a Body Painter’s channel without notice

Twitch is once again making waves across online platforms for deleting a body painter’s channel without notice or reason.

This new issue adds on to the growing list of things that proves Twitch is becoming an unreliable platform for its creators.

Unfortunately, this can be a bad news to streamers who depend entirely on their platform earnings as their primary bread and butter.

Deleted for no reason?

ForkGirl, a body painter and cosplayer on the platform, is the most recent example of the said pressing issue.

Famous for a variety of creative body paints, the streamer is known to focus on gaming characters.

According to a tweet, her channel got bizarrely deleted without prior warning.

“I woke up this morning to my Twitch account deleted, with no email or communication from Twitch.

These are my past two paints. I don’t even know what to say or do anymore.”

Turns out, the platform didn’t even bother informing her in a generic email notice at the very least.

The art of body painting

Body painting has been a subject of frequent discussions on the platform for some time now, but it has been accepted as a valuable art by skilled streamers which attracts fans across the world.

Although the activity is permitted on live broadcast, Twitch has laid out some strict rules about what parts and how much of the body must be covered while on a stream.

Against the policy?

If Twitch did delete ForkGirl’s channel without any notice, this goes against the platform’s existing policy of informing users ahead of time if they are bound to be suspended or banned due to various violations.

Twitch does not share the exact reason or video clip that caused you a ban, but it typically cites a specific guideline that you violated.

But ForkGirl claims that was not the case for her. In February, the streamer was banned indefinitely from the platform. This followed a previous ban around a year ago.

It’s highly possible that her channel has been completely deleted this time around because of her history.

Regardless, ForkGirl is confident that she abides by the boundaries set by the platform’s guidelines.

Since her last ban, she reassured her fans:

“My chest isn’t on stream until it has pasties, multiple layers of liquid latex, and chest painted.”

Many of her loyal supporters and followers called out Twitch for the alleged turn of events.

On June 13, she confirmed her suspension had nothing to do with copyright music. This is a separate issue that’s haunting other Twitch streamers as of writing.

She writes in a tweet:

“It’s been confirmed – My suspension had nothing to do with copyright music.

@Twitch @TwitchSupport updated the bodypaint guidelines to give clear rules, then threw in a vague clause which can be used to justify banning any body painter.”

ForkGirl then thanks her fans for the warm outpour of support.

“My channel and content are the world to me, and I can’t express enough how much it means to me too see all the support (again).”

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