David Dobrik’s Disposable Camera App is a Hit at 1M Downloads

The Youtuber’s disposable camera app landed the top 1 spot on the App Store as downloads soar past 1 million!

According to official numbers, David Dobrik’s app, David’s Disposable, has surpassed over a million downloads as of writing.

Many fans are captivated by this new digital disposable camera app, which is perfect for millennials who are trying to keep up with their IG aesthetics.

There’s an audience for people who are jumping into what’s trending currently — and Dobrik knows just how to use that to his advantage!

David’s Disposable doesn’t stop at over 1M downloads. In fact, the numbers are still picking up speed.

The app is ad-supported, but a subscription fee at $1 makes it easier to navigate thanks to the premium service.

Its impact is undeniable. The nostalgic, retro app also landed at the top of the list for most popular free apps on Apple’s App Store, briefly beating popular apps like Disney+ and Instagram.

There are lots of videos on YouTube reviewing the app, with other influencers and content creators dropping their tips and advice for taking great “disposable camera”-style photos.

This isn’t the first time Youtube stars launched their own tie-in apps. Pewdiepie has released his line of games in the past, but we can’t deny Dobrik’s disposable camera idea is too irresistible to miss!

If anything, the app is definitely something many fans want to try for themselves.

People can use the app take shots a la retro disposable cameras, but they may have to wait until 9AM the following day for the photos to become available.

The process simulates the typical wait time it takes for disposable camera photos to be developed. So, bring your patience!

Fans continue to rave about the nostalgia-inducing app, praising its aesthetic quality:

“If y’all haven’t downloaded David’s Disposable app, you need to. Best pictures. So funny how cameras become more and more advanced, and now we all want that “disposable camera” look to our pictures”
“It’s a pretty cool app!! No filter on this photo at all.”
“Highly recommend the app!!! It literally takes pics like a disposable camera and I’m fuckin in love.”

In case you’re wondering, the pictures can also be ordered as prints directly from the app. It takes about three weeks to show up.

Will you give the app a try? David’s Disposable can be downloaded on the Apple App Store.

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