Recap #3

And just like that, the first week of February has come to an end. This month seems to pass by in the blink of an eye unlike January, and it’s only understandable if you’ve missed what’s new in the online world recently.

To fill you in with the details, here’s a quick recap of what went down in the first week of February:

Fortnite pro Tfue explains the reason why he and Corinna Kopf broke up… Again. This is the second time for the couple to break-up, revealing that one of the reasons behind the recent split was because of their living situation.

The pair have created content together on Youtube and Twitch, and even shared some intimate secrets about their relationship.

On his February 1 stream, Tfue confirmed the news himself – revealing the reason why they’d decided to go separate ways once more.

“I mean, yeah, me and Corinna are broken up but we’re still friends… I just don’t want to live in LA and she doesn’t want to live in Florida.”

Either Tfue and Corinna decide to give their relationship another try.. for the third time. Or this may just be the end of the famous celebrity couple!

Considered as one of the most iconic Fortnite stars, Pokimane is famous for her streams on the titular gameplay. Just recently, she unveiled to the world her exclusive in-game emote called “The Poki” based on her viral dance moves on TikTok.

So why did the streamer decide to stop streaming the game completely?

Poki explains why: she doesn’t get the same “kick” from playing the game in front of her thousand regular viewers. She has also been notoriously targeted by a lot of stream snipers and trolls who are aiming to get their names exposed on stream.

It might be the reason why she’s practically on a “Fortnite hiatus”, as she stopped streaming the game for quite some time now.

It’s been weeks since Pewdiepie’s last Youtube video, which begs his loyal fans to question: where is he and what is he up to lately?

Luckily for his fans, Australian Youtuber Joey ‘The Anime Man’ Bizinger posted a video clip on Twitter showing Pewds singing his heart out at a Karaoke bar.

His song of choice? The Numa Numa Song by O-Zone, as popularized by the classic 2005 meme.

Despite his social media hiatus, fans still got a glimpse of what Pewds has been up to on his vacation – and it seems like he’s having a great time.

Ninja’s influence in the industry remains unparalleled. The gamer’s pop culture appearances have grown over the last two years, with a recent in-game Fortnite skin to immortalize him in the game.

But this week may just be the most unique one for Ninja to go down in history… yet!

Richard Tyler “Ninja” Blevins walked the stage during the New York Fashion Week for his sponsor, Red Bull. He was a part of an MLS uniform launch, rocking black and red colored Adidas gear complete with the New York Red Bulls branding.

The Mixer star stood with models as they represented all the different MLS teams together.

Youtuber JayStation is no stranger to controversy.

He’s infamous for his string of controversial videos. Most recently, he claimed in a video how his girlfriend Alexia passed away in a drunk driving incident and it sent the internet into a rage.

In wake of the backlash, social media icons and users alike are taking action to put a stop to JayStation’s antics.

Even Drama Alert’s Daniel “KEEMSTAR” Keem also urged fans to spread the hashtag #StopJayStation across channels.

The hashtag quickly gained traction on Twitter, where people are begging the Youtube team to take appropriate action against the icon.

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