Ninja Walks the Stage at New York Fashion Show 2020

Ninja’s influence in the industry remains unparalleled.

The gamer’s pop culture appearances have grown over the last two years, with a recent in-game Fortnite skin to immortalize him in the game.

But this week may just be the most unique one for Ninja to go down in history… yet!

Richard Tyler “Ninja” Blevins walked the stage during the New York Fashion Week for his sponsor, Red Bull.

He was a part of an MLS uniform launch, rocking black and red colored Adidas gear complete with the New York Red Bulls branding.

The Mixer star stood with models as they represented all the different MLS teams together.

“To walk a stage during New York fashion week is just another incredible achievement for me,”

He writes in a tweet

“So blessed and happy to support the New York Redbulls and represent for my RedBull family.”

Although he was dressed in his Adidas gear, a new brand sponsor from last year, Ninja went to represent Red Bull for the event.

The gaming icon has long since partnered with Red Bull ever since the Fortnite surge began in 2018.

He has worked on numerous events and projects spearheaded by Red Bull ever since then.

After announcing his partnership with Red Bull, the streamer hosted a Fornite tournament event in Chicago “Rise til Dawn” – where players competed from sunset to sunrise of the next day.

He also worked with Red Bull to host a sponsored New Year’s Eve event at the end of 2018.

Fans were ecstatic for Ninja’s appearance at the New York Fashion Week, a collaboration one typically didn’t see coming.

“Ngl you actually look pretty fly”
“Gamer, Singer and now Model. This man does it all 😳”
“Yo is there anything you don’t do”
“Dude, now I’m just waiting for the full length feature film starring Ninja. Once that’s out, you’ve done it all!”

Ninja made headlines last year after his ground-breaking decision to leave home platform Twitch for Mixer.

His move has prompted many Twitch stars to follow the same path, and jumped ships to other streaming platforms.

As of writing, his mixer channel has over 44.3 million total views and is by far the most popular user on the platform. But despite being one of the world’s most popular gamers, his newly chosen platform Mixer still lags behind Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook in terms of viewership.

Not all hope is lost, though. The numbers may just gain traction given time. A lot of streamers and users alike are ditching Twitch for various reasons, and may just turn to non-mainstream ones like the rival platform Mixer.

After his Mixer move, the star’s appearances have branched out as he appeared on famous Youtube series Kevin Hart’s “Cold as Balls” and Bon Appétit’s “Back to Back Chef.”

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