PewDiePie explains decision on not taking selfies with fans in public

YouTube icon Pewdiepie recently opened up to his audience on one of his recent uploads, explaining why he’ll be rejecting selfies whenever approached by fans in public.

Global fanbase

It’s undeniable how Pewdiepie is now one of the biggest and most recognized faces of online entertainment.

From his humble roots in Sweden, he turned out to be YouTube’s biggest stars with over 106 million subscribers.

Despite his massive global success, he explained his decision to stop taking selfies with fans in public considering the act began to take a toll on him.

To Pewdiepie, taking photos with his fans in real life started to feel rather “dehumanizing” and “uncomfortable.”

No more selfies

On one of his latest episodes of Last Week I Asked You (LWIAY) titled “Please dont hate me for this,” he specifically addressed viewers on taking selfies with him out in public.

“I’ve decided, no more selfies.”

Although he was initially worried for his audience to take his statements out of context, he asked his fans to watch until the end of the video:

“I love meeting you guys. I love doing these meetups where it’s a set place to hang out and just talk. But I think my life has just become to a point where whenever I go outside, I have to just be ready whatever I’m doing to just stop, and take a photo.”

Pewdiepie clarified that he doesn’t actually mind talking with his fans in public, but he’s not quite fond of the photo aspect.

“I don’t mind to just stop and chat with you guys, but the whole photo process to me… I don’t like it. You do like a thousand of them, and after a while you feel like an animal at a zoo that’s like a prop for someone. And I don’t like it. I’m tired of it. I don’t want to do it anymore.”


It would be too ideal if everyone actually understood his reasons, but he was confident that his fans would respect his decision.

Taking photos may seem like harmless memorabilia to many, but sometimes, these snapshots would give away where he lives.

“I don’t always want people to know where I am. If everyone just took their photo and didn’t share it, fine. But the problem is people share it online. It’s so uncomfortable!”

Is this the end of Pewdiepie’s photos together with fans? Actually, no. The YouTuber concluded that he would still take selfies with fans at meet-and-greets or scheduled events, but not out in public.

For fans whose life-long dream is to take a photo with Pewdiepie, consider attending his events in the near future!

It’s only understandable for Pewdiepie to draw the line with his personal life and want some privacy, especially since he’s one of the biggest content creators on the internet.

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