Pewdiepie’s Poopdie: The Poopcrafting Adventure is Coming to Mobile!

Indie game studio Bulbware is proud to announce that Poopdie: The Poopcrafting Adventure is coming to mobile (iOS and Android) on December 12th.

This free-to-play game is in collaboration with Youtube superstar, Felix “Pewdiepie” Kjellberg.

The development of the game kicked off 2 years back in March 2017, and now it’s finally ready for launch.

Just recently, Pewdiepie released another video game to add to his ever-expanding empire.
Pixelings (released November 15th) is a quirky creature-collecting game set in Pewd’s Pixelverse.

The game was developed by Outerminds, who also did his last two games: Legend of the Brofist and Tuber Simulator.

Poopdie: The Poopcrafting Adventure, his latest collaboration, comes off as a surprise to many – since they didn’t see this one coming!

It might be too soon for another Pewdiepie game, but hey, many fans are more than willing to try out the game for themselves.

The plot is described as:

“Very, very deep in the Kingdom of Grounds, tiny worm lies hopeless in his pond of tears. He doesn’t know that soon he will give birth to great miracles and his name will never be forgotten.”

In this game, your primary task will be to help the world remember how to poop again, mostly by completing quests and destroying sentients or evil bottoms that will stop at nothing to destroy poopie.

It does sound a bit gross and bizarre, but nonetheless creative!

A video teaser was also uploaded on Youtube for fans to take a glimpse at what’s waiting for them.

Will you join the pooping squad? Check the game out at!

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