StreamElements to support underrepresented streamers with $100,000 Creator Diversity Fund

StreamElements officially announced the 20 recipients of its $100,000 Creator Diversity fund, which aims to provide creators from underrepresented groups on Twitch with professional live streaming services.

These small, up-and-coming streamers are working hard towards establishing their names in the competitive landscape of live streaming.

And since they are from underrepresented groups, they  continually face even harsher competition by the day.

It’s what the Creator Diversity Fund is primarily designed for, to provide these streamers “a wide range of support from StreamElements which includes graphics, production, and mentorship.”

Furthermore, SteelSeries will also provide all the 20 recipients with Arctis 1 Wireless Gaming Headsets.

StreamElements said in a statement that they were inspired to create the fund due to an acknowledgment that creators in underrepresented groups continue to face additional challenges in the livestreaming industry.

List of recipients for the StreamElements Creator Diversity Fund

  • 3llebelle
  • Aquarterghost
  • BigWillieIsms
  • CtrlAltQuin
  • DragonQueenTTV
  • Flera
  • Goofywisetv
  • Kilcannon
  • KiwiOnTheSticks
  • Lucanaii
  • MondaScott
  • Nelinde
  • SheGamerxo
  • SpringSims
  • StraightOuttaTokyo
  • StreetGrind
  • Teknikalx
  • TiffanyWitcher
  • Utxjgthedon
  • Zombaekillz

The said fund aspires to be “a way to help elevate their presence and voice in an ecosystem where discovery and access to information is an issue.”

The recipients were selected by the type of content they were producing, their passion and dedication to live streaming, and the personal insights they provided when they applied.

Twitch streamer Teknikalx spoke about applying for the said fund:

“I applied for the fund because I thought it would be beneficial for my channel to receive additional support to give the channel a more professional look vs what I have now. Also to bring to light that programs like this exist and if a channel such as mine can receive support in this manner, other channels can too.”

Teknikalx has garnered over 5,000 followers on Twitch. He says that having the support of StreamElements ‘Dream Team’ will “give a boost to my channel in the extra visibility to my content. I truly believe that the access to doors that would otherwise be closed will open, with their support to show that my content is worth not only checking out but supporting.”

Another content creator, StreetGrind, believes that the support from the Creator Diversity fund will take his “content and brand to the next level in overall aesthetics as well as consistency.”

The streamer streams a variety of titular games, from Fall Guys to Horizon Zero Dawn.

“I’m hoping to use this support to increase my discoverability on who I am and what my brand is about. Improving every day one step at a time and helping others along the way,”

“We stand stronger together instead of individually.”

GoofyWise, another recipient, hopes the support will give his stream a further push and improve the general viewing experience.

“Opportunities like these are rare especially those targeted to people who look like me.”

“I plan to use this opportunity to take my channel to the next level by giving my stream an increased level of professionalism that will attract viewers from all around,”

“Not to mention the added confidence boost from having a higher quality look and feel. Look good, feel good!”

The support provided will include guidance on brand growth, landing sponsorships, merchandising, and other factors when it comes to successfully growing and maintaining an audience.

StreamElements continues to be one of the preferred third-party services used by many streamers to manage their donations, overlays, and alerts for their live streams.

Doron Nir, StreamElements CEO, says in a statement:

“Livestreaming is not an easy profession and it can be even more daunting for members of underrepresented groups,”

“With the Creator Diversity Fund, our goal is to provide those invaluable industry insights on top of improving all aspects of their channels.”

Read the full blog post of the announcement here.

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