#StopJayStation Trends on Twitter in an Attempt to Cancel the Youtuber Again

Youtuber JayStation is no stranger to controversy.

He’s infamous for his string of controversial videos. Most recently, he claimed in a video how his girlfriend passed away in a car accident and it sent the internet into a rage.

Why? Because the Youtuber was clearly faking it for the clout.

With a history of problematic content, he’s the one responsible for infamous videos like the “Etika Ouija Board Challenge at 3 AM (Gone Wrong)” and “MAC MILLER SPIRIT BOX CHALLENGE AT 3AM”.

He falsifies actual conversations with the recently deceased in these videos to share the attention surrounding their tragic deaths.

Amassing over 5 million subscribers, the most recent upload about her girlfriend’s apparent death received backlash across online communities. He claims she lost his girlfriend, Alexia, during a drunk driving incident.

In wake of the backlash, social media icons and users alike are taking action to put a stop to JayStation’s antics.

Even Drama Alert’s Daniel “KEEMSTAR” Keem also urged fans to spread the hashtag #StopJayStation across channels.

The hashtag quickly gained traction on Twitter, where people are begging the Youtube team to take appropriate action against the icon.

“Gotta jump in here on ‪#StopJayStation‬ – he is a despicable liar who will cause YTers even more issues if he isn’t checked now. He has no morals, no ethics, and his behavior of profiteering off people’s deaths with “Ouija Board” videos is repugnant. Fuck you, JayStation.”

One user in particular listed down JayStation’s problematic antics in the wake of the trending hashtag:

“*Faked his girlfriend’s death for views.
*Capitalizing off people’s death such as Etika and Mac Miller.
*Flew out of the country to visit a minor.
* Manipulating his audience to believe in hoax material.

That’s JayStation guys. #StopJayStation”

JayStation has responded to KEEMSTAR’s call-out video, explaining that he doesn’t receive any profit from these celebrities’ deaths.

He claims he has even donated some money made from his Etika upload to the family of the late Youtuber.

JayStation even went to challenge KEEMSTAR to a boxing match, which is quite a trend among Youtubers in a feud (Remember KSI and Logan Paul?)

He also released a hashtag of his own in hopes of clearing his name: #FightJayStation

“The toxic, negative things that this guy says online about YouTubers has real-life implications on these YouTubers. It’s just funny how this guy claims to be some kind of news channel, but he’s out there spreading lies like crazy.”

His rather emotional video about the “sudden” passing of his girlfriend was quickly followed by a “conversation” via Ouija board.

Although his clout-chasing stunts are debunked when Alexia (Alive and well) herself spoke up with a video explaining the truth.

Alexia claims how the Youtuber had been verbally and physically abusive toward her. At one point, he was even arrested on these allegations but has since been released from police custody.

With the #StopJayStation hashtag,
fans await for any official statement from Youtube to clarify and take a stand regarding what content is deemed acceptable on the platform.

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