PlayStation 5 is Coming; Website Officially Up and Running

Sony has successfully stirred the PlayStation 5 speculation mill with its up and running website!

No formal announcement, no fanfare.

The official website for the new-generation PS5 console recently went live, but the exact details about Sony’s newest product isn’t exactly revealed yet.

If you’re thinking about accessing the site to read up all the confirmed info of the brand new console, save your time.

The website is live, but it doesn’t offer much information. Unfortunately, it features little information aside from the news of a confirmed and upcoming PS5.

It also doesn’t confirm if a reveal event is coming in the near future… which keeps the fans speculating and guessing.

Sony knows how to play its cards and keep the hype alive.

Fans are torn whether it is enough to be considered as a website, when it’s more of a portal or a simple landing page. There’s only the new but familiar PS5 logo along with a short caption hinting fans of an upcoming news.

What is Sony planning to do? Nobody really knows. At this point, only time can truly tell.

Interested PlayStation fans can opt to sign up to receive updates from the Sony team.

Sony did promise upcoming updates about the official price, release date, and the final roster of PS5 launch titular games.

The site reads:

“We’ve begun to share some of the incredible features you can expect from PlayStation 5, but we’re not quite ready to fully unveil the next generation of PlayStation.”

The live website doesn’t confirm circulating rumors about how Sony is about to release the products in an upcoming event.

“Not quite ready” may mean a few days, or months, to learn new information about the brand new console.

Few fans are reportedly having trouble signing up for the newsletter with their email addresses, though.

“Is anyone having trouble signing up for the updates on the website? I filled all my details, but no matter how many times I press Sign Up nothing happens, until the Verification Captcha expires. Can someone help me fix this?”
“I fill in my details and click sign up but nothing happens, wtf”
“Am I the only one whose site says invalid email when I put in the correct email???”

Nonetheless, everyone seems to be excited for the PS5’s official launch sometime soon:

“My body is ready,hope this all will be worth it,just like i expected.”
“It’s happening!!!”
“it is that time”
“So… basically you want my money now… cause IM READY”
“We are getting cloooooose”

Are you ready for the PlayStation 5?

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