The Rajjchelor Twitch Show ft Kaite and Fedmyster Takes “Ugly” Turn, With Pokimane Joining In

One particular episode of RajjPatel’s famous dating show on Twitch took a rather “ugly” turn, which only got awkward and bizarre as it went on.

The said broadcast last April 29 featured OfflineTV member Fedmyster in the hot seat, with about 70k viewers watching the whole ordeal.

Rajjchelor Twitch Show > The Bachelor

Taking inspiration from the American dating-reality TV series The Bachelor, Rajj’s Twitch show has garnered attention on the platform for the last few years.

He invites fellow streamers as guests on his TV show and asks them to rate each other, try flirting, and succeed in winning the competition.

In this particular episode, OfflineTV’s Fedmyster went to try his luck with plenty of other female streamers attempting to charm him. He had to put his charisma to a test and woo them as well.

Though it started with 11 aspiring female streamers, Katie was hailed as the last woman standing. The streamer is also considered as a frequent on the show and earned the title of being the “villain” of the group.

Love or Host?

As Fed chose Kaite in the final round, she was asked to choose between Love or Host.

Rajj’s channel would host her channel with over 70k viewers if she chose ‘Host’.

But if she chose ‘Love’, Fed’s Twitch channel would be the one hosted instead— where the pair could have a romantic, virtual date.

Perhaps keeping true to her “villain” reputation, Kaite chose host and even went on to explain the reason behind:

“Honestly, I checked him out before, I think you’re ugly. I’m not attracted to you.”

The brief statement was enough to put Fed on the hot seat of embarrassment in front of thousands.

Pokimane… To the rescue

Shortly after the fiasco, other streamers joined the call which included the likes of Knut, SlikeR, and Pokimane.

They seem to share a unanimous opinion of hitting back at Kaite and calling her ugly as well.

Though Kaite was quick to defend herself by saying she only said so “all for business,” fellow OfflineTV member Pokimane begged to differ.

“You can be all for business and not have to call someone ugly, what the hell?”

The Host Shares His Thoughts

Rajj, the host of the said show, admitted he wasn’t at all impressed with Kaite’s self-described villain-like behavior on the show.

He even went on to tell Fed he was “so upset” for things turning that way.

“I know you’re a confident person so it’s not really going to affect you, but the fact we had the most viewership ever in the history of my show and that she said that. You are so far from that.”

“Nobody told her to say that… it was too far, way over the line.”

Things might have taken a rather “ugly” turn, but it was enough to attract attention among online communities including big shot streamers.

Although, Katie may have had good intentions in keeping true to her character— but her recent statements on the show may gain her more haters than fans.

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