E-girl Calls Out Viewer After Finding Out They’re Not Subscribed

On today’s episode of: another streamer goes off on an unsubscribed viewer.

A rising Twitch starlet, Invadervie is known for her
“Just Chatting” streams and funny interactions with viewers. However, one particular fan got shut down despite giving her a positive comment while on stream.

Why, and what did the fan deserve to hear such cruel things from the star?

On her February 8 stream, a viewer confidently claimed that she’s their favorite streamer.

But despite the compliment, Invadervie went off on the commenter for using flattery and kind words to bait her into giving positive attention — despite not financially supporting her as a donator or a subscriber.

“I don’t believe you, exactly, that I’m your favorite streamer, because you’re not subbed to me”

“That just seems… I don’t know if there’s evidence to your claim. I’m a highly emotional person, and so I see that, and my first instinct is, ‘Yay, I’m your favorite! That means that I’m the best!’”

She further clarified that she’s not exactly the type who judges people that quick, but reacting “logically” seems ideal so she can avoid being potentially extorted.

“I also need you to realize that because I am a highly emotional person, that can lead me to being taken advantage of very quickly, so I focus on behaving as a highly logical person…”

“I don’t try to judge anybody, but I do try to perceive you for all the evidence you’re giving me of your character.”

Invadervie skyrocketed to fame on her first month on Twitch. Although she also streams her gameplays or musical content sometimes, she’s more famous for chatting with her audience of over 125k followers.

This has led to a few unique conversations in the past.

It doesn’t come off as a surprise to some how the starlet knew immediately that the commenting viewer wasn’t a subscriber, noting in the past how she likes to conduct very thorough research on her financial supporters.

This rant may seem new but actually, this is not the first time for Invadervie to go off on a viewer before.

Back in January, the streamer clapped back to a troll who called her a “Twitch thot”.

She went to show how she’s not afraid to call out those who aren’t acting accordingly in her chat and standing up for herself, for that matter.

Another Twitch streamer, BadBunny, also went on a rant calling out her viewers who aren’t supporting her financially.

Perhaps fueled by her frustration over slow channel growth, she pointed out how she’s technically “working for free” as she has not received a sub or donation in an hour.

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