Twitch Streamer Banned After “Sexually Harassing” OfflineTV’s Yvonnie

Twitch streamer and Offline TV star Yvonnie decided to speak up at a male LoL player who bragged about making lewd comments directed to her during a stream.

The streaming industry is relatively hard to break upon. However, it’s known how girl streamers have to face the struggle twice as hard as their male counterparts.

This particular struggle is evident when a male League of Legends player casually dropped inappropriate comments towards OfflineTV’s Yvonnie while on stream.

And despite the apparent harassment, the male streamer seemed proud about it to the point of bragging.

Yvonnie took it to Twitter to speak up against the harassment:

She attached a clip of the streamer, going by the name “doaenel,” laughing about how he casually asked her to get intimate with him.

He also later denied that his question could be considered as grounds for sexual harassment.

“It’s actually really cringe… So, I say, ‘Hey Vonnie.’ She says, ‘Hi.’ ‘Would you have s*x with me?’ Doesn’t answer… I expected an answer.”

Another player asks over the mic:

“Wow, you’re gonna sexually harass Yvonnie?”

Quick to defend himself, he reasoned out:

“It’s not sexual harassment. It’s just testing people’s honesty.”

Shortly after, the streamer burst into laughter.

On February 7, Yvonnie addressed the issue via Twitter, admitting that she tried to brush off the harassment but later chose to expose the guy for his actions.

The streamer also hopes to potentially stop others from being in such an offensive incident.

“I tried brushing this off, and I know people like this will still exist, but if it could maybe stop even a few people from doing this in the future, for them to know this is not okay, then that’s all I want.”

“Also it’s not testing people’s honesty, it’s sexual harassment.”

But wait, there’s more.

Another message from doaenel, provided by OfflineTV’s Scarra, proves that he went on to further harass Yvonnie, and even reminded her that she “forgot to answer ” his question.

“hey yvonnie 🙂 u clipped my stream yesterday 🙂 u forgot to answer my question :)”

he writes.

Quick to respond to the harassment, Twitch has banned Doaenel’s account for seven days.

He acknowledged the ruling in a series of tweets, and even went on to justify his behavior towards Yvonnie as a “harmless comment.”

“the fact that people think mass brigading and getting a streamer banned for a harmless comment is really sad”

He has also appealed his suspension to Twitch.

“7 day ban, appealing as we speak, hopefully account reinstated sometime soon”

People are still awaiting further updates regarding the ban. Regardless, fans were quick to come to Yvonnie’s defense and praised her for doing the right thing.

Grateful for the support, she said in a tweet:

“Thank you for the kind messages, I read them all and really really appreciate all the support ❤ I can’t respond to everyone but I’m fine, I just wanted to raise awareness and prevent this from happening to other people if possible. Thanks again for everything.”

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