Why was Novaruu Banned on Twitch for Holding a Raffle?

Novaruu, a popular Just Chatting streamer, has been banned on Twitch apparently because of breaking a promotional giveaway rule.

The rising streamer was unable to stream for the next 3 days after the suspension.

The topic of her suspension has been a hot topic across online communities. Apparently, the said rule is something only a few users are aware of.

On December 10, Novaruu was suspended on the grounds of “operating a contest or giveaway that violates Twitch Terms of Service.”

She took it to Twitter to express her disappointment over the fact that her stream has to be taken down for such a period of time.

“Why did I just get a 3 day ban for raffling off hand painted bird houses?”

“How does raffling off a birdhouse and nudity have the same amount of day ban.”

Accordingly, she felt like at least a 1-day ban would be more justifiable for her situation.

Novaru is popular on Twitch for her Just Chatting streams, garnering about 1,000 regular viewers per day. She has over 102k followers on the platform.

Twitch has a rule for streamers who do unsolicited offers. This can be a ground for suspending or banning any user from the platform.

In particular, the section 9 (iii) of Twitch’s Terms of Service says that: streamers are not allowed to “make unsolicited offers, advertisements, proposals… to users of the Twitch services, including… things related to promotional giveaways.”

The US law also has particular guidelines whenever a giveaway this large occurs. States like Alabama, Hawaii, and Utah have particularly banned raffles.

Although Novaruu resides in Texas, she is still subject to these regulations under federal law.

The Federal Trade Commission specifies that “sweepstakes-type promotions that require a purchase by participants are illegal in the United States.”

Fans were quick to weigh their thoughts on Novaruu’s situation:

“You’re promoting yourself through the raffle is how this would fall into that category. It’s rough that Twitch would take a stance against this given how many people raffle things off on its platform. Unfortunate.”

“It’s good though that they forbid raffles. Raffles would kill twitch dynamics in which everybody can participate into giveaways.”

“sorry, this happened to you… it was such a wholesome stream”

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