Summit1g confirms he’ll remain on Twitch, ending Mixer deal rumors

It’s official, Summit1g is staying on Twitch!

After weeks of rumors and speculations regarding his potential transfer to Mixer, the Twitch star recently confirmed his decision to stay on his home platform.

Staying on Twitch

The streamer discussed more details about his new exclusive deal with the Amazon-owned live streaming platform in a recent broadcast:

“It’s so nice to know that it’s off my shoulders… I can stop feeling like such a lying sack of shit. Every single time someone brought this up it was like, well… I can’t make it seem like I’m only here for Twitch because obviously then your deal goes a little bit more south than you would like it to or something.”

Initially, he was tight-lipped on answering his fans who asked if he was given an offer by Mixer.

Now that the news is out, there’s no need to hide what his decision is going to be. His relief is quite obvious now that his deal with Twitch is complete.

Persistent fans

It’s a struggle to remain tight-lipped and drop a quick “no comment” with so many persistent fans asking him about his contract status decision on the daily:

“I don’t want to give it away that I’m staying with Twitch because it’s not announced yet. But at the same time, this fucking viewer is sitting here sad because he thinks I’m going to Mixer, but I can’t reassure him the way I want to. It was a really weird situation… Not a very comfortable situation.”

The gaming icon also took it to Twitter to announce his decision to stay on Twitch, along with a video of his memorable Twitch stream highlights:

“Staying right where I am.”

It has truly been a wild ride on Twitch for summit1g and his fans!

Thrilled fans

The news of his exclusive Twitch deal thrilled many of his fans and fellow content creators, considering they are much happier to see the gamer stay on the platform than move anywhere else.

“My mannn doin it big, Congrats brotha!”

“100% the GOAT of twitch”

“You’ve always been the best, brother. Great to see recognition where it’s due”

“Keep killing it! congrats on the deal!”

“First streamer I ever watched, happy for you dude!”

Ads as clues

If you’re regularly tuning in to Summit’s Twitch livestreams, you might have missed out on an important clue that would have given out his decision to stay.

Before his exclusive contract signing, the streamer is known to be against the idea of running advertisements on his broadcasts.

However, he’s now required to air ads as a part of his new deal with Twitch.

He further explains:

“Right when we started running ads, I thought it was going to be very obvious… But then Smokey brought it up to me that some people may have thought that I was trying to make as much money as I could on the way out.”

Before the deal’s official announcement, Summit started to use ads on his stream since his contract was complete.

When asked about how long his contract with Twitch is for, the former CS:GO pro only responded with the tight-lipped: “No comment.”

According to the streamer:

“It’s a different chapter, but it’s not a different book.”

Summit1g joins other famous Twitch creators Dakotaz and JoshOG, who also decided to stay on their home platforms for good.

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