Dr Disrespect Makes a Cameo Appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live

In a typical Doc fashion, Dr Disrespect managed to steal the show as he appeared in a hilarious Christmas skit on the late-night U.S. talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live.

The said show usually features the host Jimmy Kimmel interview some of the biggest names in showbiz or trending people who are enjoying the limelight.

Setting aside his record for going viral over mocking the gaming industry and esports, Kimmel now seems comfortable embracing the industry as he invited gamer pro Dr Disrespect on the show.

This unexpected collaboration had the Doc break in and stand beside a Christmas tree, as Jimmy and his trusty sidekick Guillermo waited patiently for Santa Claus.

Admittedly, this typical Dr Disrespect appearance is something many fans saw coming!

Guillermo then tells Jimmy that he believes someone else may be in the room. As they look up, they see the Doc sneakily placing the presents under the tree.

“Wait, you’re not Santa.. That’s two-time esports streamer of the year Dr Disrespect!” Jimmy announces with glee.

They further explain to the famous streamer that they’re waiting on Santa’s arrival, not him.

The Doc, in return, makes fun of them lighting the fireplace in anticipation of Santa.

He also noted how St. Nick is considerably “creepy” for watching children and sneaking into people’s homes.

True to the spirit of the gift-giving season, he also handed Jimmy and Guillermo a Turtle Beach headset each, explaining:

“The only thing we need to fear is subpar gaming equipment…. They’re perfect whether you’re a pro player or a little baby precious noob.”

Jimmy celebrates how the Doc saved Christmas, before the actual Santa shows up who is then later chased down by Guillermo, telling him to “go back to Alaska.”

More popular esports stars are having guest appearances on these types of shows.

For instance, Fortnite legends Ninja and Bugha appeared as guests before – much to the delight of their fans.

Undeniably though, the Doctor seems to have some tricks up his sleeves to be a part of these commercial skits!

Will dedicated fans see more of Dr Disrespect on Jimmy Kimmel Live? Fans may have to wait and see what the new year brings to their beloved idol.

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