Michael Reeves Officially Joins the OfflineTV Squad

And another one joins the OfflineTV family!

Michael Reeves officially joined the OfflineTV squad as its seventh member. This announcement was finally confirmed after months of on-going speculation.

OfflineTV is a group founded by esports star William “Scarra” Li. The squad is composed of popular names in the industry such as Imane “Pokimane” Anys, Lily “LilyPichu” Ki, Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang, and Federico “FedMyster” Gaytan.

Reeves was initially a US government employee working as a software contractor. After he lost his well-paying job, he ventured into content creation where he found his luck.

Garnering over 2.9 million subscribers on his Youtube channel, he’s known for his videos about random tech creations.

In particular, he made a Roomba that screams and an Amazon bot that helped him decorate his own bedroom.

He always notes it in a lot of his videos how he’s always had a passion for coding and other tech-related stuff.

In the announcement video uploaded last December 10, Reeves said:

“I paid less attention in school and focused 100% of my energy into learning how to code.”

“Eventually I did get a job working as a Software Contractor for the government, and it was going really well, but somewhere along the way it all went wrong and now I make YouTube videos on the internet for kids.”

The particular video has over 1.1 million views to date.

Described by his now co-member Scarra, Reeves is a “comedy-tech” Youtuber. He’s able to entertain lots of fans by presenting his amazing developer skills with his sarcastic remarks and his infamous dry sense of humor.

The OfflineTV squad became fans of Reeves, just like how he became a fan himself of the renowned group.

Little by little, they both collaborated with more content as time passed by.

Pokimane herself affirmed how Reeves managed to delight them with his content:

“I thought his videos were really funny… I have a special place in my heart for people who code because that was my favorite class at university.”

Another OfflineTV member, FedMyster, agreed with the sentiments although making light of the matter.

“I watched a couple of Michael Reeves videos and I thought that this guy is a complete f**king jacka** dude, like out of his mind. But I like that sh*t.”

The rumors have been spreading for almost a year now, and fortunately it has been confirmed that Michael is the 7th member of the team.

With Reeves’ latest addition in the group, fans are all excited to see what their content in 2020 would be like!

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