Mixer Gifts $100 to Partnered Streamers During Coronavirus Outbreak

Mixer wants to give back to its community in the midst of a global crisis.

The streaming platform is generously giving $100 to its partnered streamers amid the COVID-19 outbreak, in hopes of helping them stay afloat. This move remains unheard of and is considered as a first among major streaming platforms so far.

An act of generosity

Microsoft’s streaming platform did not pay any important regard to each partnered streamer’s channel popularity. As long as they’re partnered with Mixer, they will receive the said amount.

The initiative wasn’t announced with any fanfare. In fact, there was no official announcement from Microsoft or the Mixer team itself. They only acknowledged the existence of said donations on Twitter when streamers were taken aback by the unannounced bonuses.

“Confirmed! We’re just happy to do whatever we can 💙

Some fans thanked the platform for the generosity, ensuring that the bonus will go to their necessities such as eating a proper meal in such difficult times.

“Thank you @WatchMixer 💙

They gave every active partner 100 extra dollars solely to make sure we get a good meal in during these crazy times.”

Other Mixer fans seem to echo the statement:

“And this is why I will always choose @WatchMixer as my streaming platform thank you for everything you do!!! Yall are killing it!! Keep up the hard work”

“That’s awesome! I know all of you (streamers) have been putting in serious amounts of time and we (subs/viewers) really appreciate yall.”

“Right on! Makes me motivated to get better even more”

To qualify as a Mixer partner, streamers need to garner at least 2,000 followers, stream for 12+ days with 25+ hours on a monthly basis, and must have accounts that are at least 2 months old.

The platform also does not place a requirement on one’s concurrent viewer rate, hence it’s easier to land a partnership and begin earning a cut of their sub revenue.

Mixer on the rise

Although Twitch still dominates the livestreaming industry, Mixer is on the move to become on par with the streaming platform— if not more.

Big shot names like Ninja and Shroud officially moved to the platform last year, inviting their audience from Twitch to check out the unfamiliar territory that is the Microsoft-owned streaming platform.

In the first quarter of 2020, Mixer accumulated a total of 28.3M streamed hours. This places the platform in second place to Twitch at 121.4M. Mixer also has 4 million unique channels, which is second largest after Twitch’s 6.1 million.

Generosity is always a good publicity move. Perhaps this kind action will encourage more streamers and viewers to check out what Mixer truly has to offer.

A great help for small-time streamers

Some streamers do not rely on streaming as their full-time job.

They have full-time day jobs to juggle with, but with the pandemic, thousands of shops and businesses around the world remain closed until further notice.

A number of streamers remain unemployed at the moment, hence a $100 gift could help in daily living expenses. Perhaps other platforms can follow the lead.

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