Trevor & Pro Gamer Ninja Play Fortnite on Mixer

If you happened to play Fortnite the past week, chances are you may have been playing against Trevor Noah and pro gamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins.

The pair played Fortnite on the Xbox during their stream on Mixer.

Ninja, a popular gaming streamer, says a disclaimer at the beginning of the video: “I never played on controller before”, and further adds how Trevor hasn’t even played the game before.

The duo described it as a whole new experience for them.

In case you don’t know, Ninja used to play Fortnite on PC and has streamed a lot of gameplays on the streaming channel Twitch. He was named as one of the most followed streamers on with over 14.7 million followers and an average of over 50,000 viewers per week.

As of present, the professional gamer has moved on to another streaming platform: Mixer

While Ninja’s character displayed a cool and amazing outfit skin in the pre-game lobby, Trevor wondered why his was dressed in default AKA basic garb. Quite a contrast — since it seemed to him his character worked for a living.

Ninja explained he got the “dope” outfits by purchasing the game’s battle pass.

The pair starts off with a basic explanation of how the game works. To quote, Ninja says it is “to build the best houses and or garden, or pretty much everything even a skyscraper”.

The first match rolled out as a series of random events, with the odds in their favor.

After securing a win (Victory Royale) on their first game, with Ninja having 6 kills and Trevor having 2 kills, the next matches proved far more challenging to the two.

Trevor got curious over Ninja’s Fortnite gaming track record on PC — which the latter said was about 8,000 wins, or probably around 20,000 games at that point.

The pair made viewers laugh as Trevor proposed an option to plant trees in the game if players will just be chopping them down. He later justifies this by saying it’s good for the environment.

As the stream ended, the pair both reflected on how their matches went.

The thrill of victory, the agony of defeat: there was a little bit of tension, with both players driven by intense emotions during their game.

Trevor says he will now play the game more often now that Ninja got him into playing it.

As they started off as champions with a “Victory Royale” in their first game, the next few matches were characterized as “hard times they faced together.”

Trevor, a Fortnite newbie, found himself getting better with every match. He called their little training period as “Rocky” training, where he started off as an underdog.

What happened in their journey is how they came together.

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