Pokimane Drops First Ever Try Not to Laugh Video

Pokimane had a special Christmas gift for all her fans, and it was her first-ever Try not to Laugh video!

Twitch’s number one female streamer Imane “Pokimane” Anys did the Tik Tok Try Not to Laugh Challenge on a recent upload.

In the 13-minute video, she reacts to a bunch of viral tik tok memes and other funny footages.

The streamer branded it as her first “real official program-structured scheduled professional youtuber try not to laugh challenge”, and she was honest to say it was basically impossible not to laugh.

She also talked about famous tik tok dances and songs, the cringe side of the platform, and what she likes most about it.

Fans seemed happy with this surprise, admitting defeat as they failed the challenge by laughing:

“I laughed and lost”
“Happy Holidays Poki. Thanks for putting lots of smiles on my face throughout the year. Have a safe Christmas and New Years. ❤️”
“I just laughed even if the tik tok wasn’t that funny but seeing hers laugh made me laugh too 😊”
“Great video Poki ngl you had me dying thru out the video!”

Fans may want to check out the full video and give it a like!

Pokimane has stated if her first upload gets 50k likes at least, she’ll do another one but with a punishment for everytime she laughs.

Some of her suggestions include eating a sour or spicy piece of candy each time she caves in and laughs.

As of writing, the said video has over 73k likes. Seems like another Tik Tok Try Not to Laugh Challenge video is on its way!

Pokimane is a social media powerhouse. Known for her optimistic and bubbly personality, it’s not a surprise to know how she made it on top of Twitch.

Since 2013, she has garnered a huge following on the video streaming platform. Her loyal fan base regularly tunes in whenever she goes live.

Many fans are drawn to the streamer because of her laidback and charming personality, but her charisma is not all that there is to thank for. A lot of factors come into play that makes her streams appealing to watch.

From being consistent to providing a wide variety of content, newbie streamers can learn a thing or two from this veteran A-lister!

She has over 3.6M followers on Twitch, 4.22M subscribers on Youtube, 1.5M followers on Twitter, 4.2M followers on Instagram.

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