Steve Aoki performed during 2020 LEC Summer Finals pre-show

Here’s a sweet treat from Rogue, League fans!

Grammy-nominated artist Steve Aoki is confirmed to perform during the 2020 LEC Summer Finals pre-show.

The perfect gift

With the 2020 LEC Summer Split coming to a conclusion on September 6, Rogue decides to bring a special gift for loyal League of Legends fans.

Renowned DJ Steve Aoki performed during the warmup pre-show for the LEC Summer Split playoff finals.

In case you missed it, Aoki is also a part-owner of Rogue.

Rogue company confirmed the announcement in a tweet:

“This is our gift to you for your support this year.

Thanks to @Kia_Motors, we will bring you a special performance by our own @steveaoki tomorrow in the #LEC Warm Up Show at 14:45 CEST. Do not miss it and remember to #GoRogue.”

The North American LCS also has a treat in store for its fans, with Logic performing during its Summer Finals as well.

Filled with hype

The LEC Summer Finals weekend was already groundbreaking with Fnatic beating their curse by taking down G2 Esports during the previous week.

The team is turning out to be much stronger recently, with all members in sync. Their impressive results so far gives hope to a lot of European fans.

With Steve Aoki’s special performance, the broadcast’s viewership is expected to go even higher. Aoki’s EDM music is popular among the ages of most League of Legends (LoL) players.

Fans who watched the LEC pre-show saw Steve Aoki’s performance. Other several shows and guests were also present before the final game of Fnatic and G2 Esports.

The 2020 LEC is the second season of Europe’s rebranded professional League of Legends tournament.

The Summer Playoffs will feature the top six teams from Summer competing for the € 200,000 prize money, and the seeds to the 2020 World Championship.

Fans were delighted at Steve Aoki’s performance during the pre-show:

“The dude is alone in a room but the energy is amazing!! I’m dancing around and having such a good time, this is actually so hype! Massive thank you to @steveaoki and @Rogue! #LEC”

“Electronic Dance Music always do this to you ! you can get High ! with no drugs with absolutely nothing but the right Bpm! you can feel your heart syncing ! I’ve been listening to EDM since 2011 oh boi it never gets old”

“I thought it was a game, but I overlooked it.  Incredible.  DJ oh my god…”

“HOLY F*CKING SH*T! That’s all I have to say. This pre show, franchising did amazing job in EU!”

The LEC has been taking their entertainment game up a notch, especially after a series of their recently released music videos.

Aside from the improved production features, Steve Aoki’s performance on the pre-show already attests to their commitment since he’s one of America’s most popular DJs.

Aoki is a known supporter of Rogue, previously saying that he plans to build the team into an “esports powerhouse through new sponsors, [and] partners.

His investment in ReKTGlobal shows his passion for the team, and his recent special performance proved that even further.

KIA Motors will sponsor Aoki’s upcoming act. KIA, one of the LEC’s main partners, has worked with the league to produce multiple video productions last year.

Additionally, Rogue also announced a new partnership with KIA which leverages their friendship with KIA-sponsored musicians and talents such as Imagine Dragons, Steve Aoki, and Nicky Romero.

Thanks to KIA’s new year-long partnership with Rogue, other KIA musicians might make a special appearance for the upcoming 2021 LEC Spring Split.

Adding musical numbers to the show will help attract more viewership, and create visibility to non-esports viewers.

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