COD Mobile season 10: New operator skill, battle royale class, and Pine map

Season 10 of Call of Duty Mobile is almost here!

Officially named as “The Hunt,” the Season 10 update teases a new operator skill, a Battle Royale class, and the introduction of new maps Pine and Terminal to the mobile title.

New maps

Though it was speculated since last season, the addition of the Terminal map for the multiplayer game mode turns out to drop next  season.

Activision noted how the fan-favorite map has been highly requested to be brought over to mobile:

“You all have been asking for this one basically since COD: Mobile released back in October of 2019 and we are thrilled to be able to bring it now to mobile.”

A medium-sized multiplayer map,Terminal was originally seen in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. A remastered version was later introduced in Modern Warfare 3.

For those who aren’t familiar with the history of the Call of Duty franchise, Terminal has almost the same vibes as Highrise (an existing map on multiplayer) where there’s a huge airplane parked in the middle, alongside the high-ceiling office space.

That’s not all— the Pine map will also make its multiplayer debut on Call of Duty mobile next season for Gunfight mode.

Although Pine was already introduced in last season’s BR map, this map will now make its way for the 1v1 or the 2v2 multiplayer modes. It is originally a map from Modern Warfare.

New Multiplayer mode and Operator skill

Another 5v5 multiplayer game mode called “Headquarters” will also be introduced next season, where “the main objective of the team is to capture and hold the headquarters present on the map to earn points.”

Some players might think this sounds exactly like Hardpoint, an already existing multiplayer mode. However, the twist lies in the fact that the: “headquarters will spawn in 10 seconds after the game begins.”

Players will have to capture the Headquarters and defend it for 50 seconds to earn points, but since they captured the HQ, they won’t respawn for 50 seconds.

As for the new operator skill, Activision is slated to introduce the Equalizer for next season.

The equipment is dual-integrated and operates similar to a light machine gun.

A video snippet was revealed on the official Call of Duty mobile Twitter account, showing how the operator skill packs quite a damage, similar to the death machine.

“💥💥 POP OFF with this dual integrated Operator skill, Equalizer!⁣

🔜 Coming to #CODMobile as a part of the next season!”

New Battle Royale class – Hacker

After the Smoke Bomber class comes the latest addition to the existing skills on CoDM Battle Royale, the Hacker.

The new class was teased since last season, similar to the Pine map, but it won’t officially make its way to the hyped mobile title until Season 10.

As described by the devs on Twitter:

“💻⚡ Prevent your enemies from using their utilities against you with the new Battle Royale class, Hacker!⁣”

The Hacker class will enable players to disable their enemies’ classes, like the Airborne or the Electric Trip Wire.

The Ice Pick device, which is a part of the class, blocks the minimaps and gadgets of all enemies within a specific radius. Meanwhile, the Hard-Wired ability (which acts like a passive) also doesn’t let the player’s radar be detected by nearby enemies.

Players already speculate how the new class will turn out to be a total game-changer!

CoD Mobile’s 10th season will start after season nine ends on Sept. 8.

Like the title’s previous seasons, it will also introduce a new battle pass and seasonal events. It is expected to last for about a month.

Are you excited for Call of Duty Mobile Season 10? Let us know in the comments below!

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