Shane Dawson reveals how a scandal “ruined” his marriage proposal

Youtube icon Shane Dawson proposed to longtime boyfriend Ryland Adams last March 2019. However, his plan didn’t go as smoothly as he hoped — thanks to a scandal that started from one of his old podcasts.

His fans and 22.8M subscribers on Youtube continue to wonder, how did his cat scandal ruin his marriage proposal exactly?

The Youtuber found himself in the limelight of the trending hashtag #shanedawsonisoverparty on Twitter around that time. It was because fans rediscovered an episode of his previous podcasts that contained a story of his “first sexual experience”.

In what he claims as nothing more than a joke, Dawson allegedly engaged in an inappropriate activity with his pet cat. Inappropriate, as in “humping his pet cat and ejaculating on it.” Critics across the internet community wanted to cancel the content creator for the controversial clip.

Shane Dawson is best known for his YouTube ‘docuseries.’ He is one of the most popular creators on the platform but in spite of his popularity, he has had to make numerous apologies and clarifications over the years in addressing various controversies.

Unsurprisingly, many fans were taken aback. Others argued it was part of his infamous ‘shock’ style of comedy where he would make up ridiculous stories for purely entertainment purposes.

Dawson later clarified the story was fake and was based on a dumb awful sketch idea he had years ago that he never made.

Fast forward to seven months after the controversy, Dawson released the third episode of his series “The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star” where the Youtuber revealed that the scandal ruined his attempts to propose to Adams in the midst of the backlash.

This whole situation ruined… not just ruined my day. (It) ruined so many things.

He explained in the episode at 7:00 minute mark, along with screenshots of messages to Adams’ mother flashing on the screen.

It definitely ruined everything. And I’m not letting that happen again.

The texts contained Dawson’s apparent plans to propose, as he claimed to do the proposal before dinner with the sunset.

Adams’ mother seemed to be supportive of the relationship, as she cheered the Youtuber on. She told him not to be nervous and she knows it’s going to be perfect.

Later on, the YT star revealed that the controversy didn’t completely disrupt his proposal plans. In response to a text asking him if he could wait for the scandal to die down — he claimed he didn’t care about that.

In March, he posted a tweet regarding the successful proposal.

It’s amazing how Shane Dawson managed not to let Twitter drama ruin an important event in his life, and despite the scandal he went on with a strong will as was planned.

It looks like he’s not going to let any future controversies and drama damage his mental well-being either, which reminds us of Jeffree Star’s no-nonsense attitude.

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