PewDiePie might have accidentally killed his beloved Minecraft dog Sven

Youtube Star PewDiePie made a return to his wildly popular Minecraft series after being in Japan. However, during his October 13 episode, the fate of his beloved dog took a dark turn.

Felix Kjellberg, more commonly known to the rest of the world as PewDiePie, took a week-long break from Minecraft while in Japan to buy a house.

He did make his return to the sandbox title in his latest upload where the Youtuber continued the lore of his series.

The episode initially started out as a carefree attempt to torture Creepers. But, the story seemed to have taken a dark turn when the fate of all his animals including his trusty sidekick Sven the dog was suddenly put in jeopardy.

PewDiePie explained the lore of his series in the October 13 episode. In the plot, he relies on a “council” that gives him guidance and instructions. Back in September, he overthrew the previous rulers (water sheep) and replaced them with the council of beetroot.

As the recent episode was about to come to an end, the new council pointed towards his iconic IKEA tower — a homage he made towards the Swedish furniture store, and tasked him to blow it up.

I must blow up IKEA tower, I’ve already made up my mind!

If that wasn’t dark and shocking enough, it was later revealed how all of PewDiePie’s beloved animals which includes his fox Benght, his horse Joergen, and his iconic sidekick Sven the dog were all gathered under the tower.

You were here all along? I was just about to blow up IKEA Tower and you would have blown up with it!

It seems like the new council has betrayed him and sent them under the tower to die. Before he could get his animals out of danger, the tower soon exploded on them and the Youtuber was left screaming for his pets as he scrambled through the rubble.

The episode ends on a cliffhanger, prompting his fans to speculate the fate of the beloved dog Sven and the rest of the animal gang.

While it’s likely for the animals to make it out alive, it is important to note that Pewd’s series has witnessed deaths before.

PewDiePie continues to dominate Youtube with over 101 million subscribers. His content is largely fueled by his famous Minecraft content, which became a phenomenon and made the game soar in popularity once again.

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