Shane Dawson Receives Praise from Fans for Using His Platform In a Positive Way

In these trying times, influencers only prove that they are more than just generating content revenue for their own personal gains.

Some even go out of their way to use their platforms and address issues or help those who are in need — like Shane Dawson.

A famous YouTuber and influencer, Dawson has been using his platform in a positive light to encourage unity and empathy in the midst of a pandemic.

Recognizing the efforts of essential workers

Dawson stands in solidarity with essential workers who still have to report to work in the midst of a pandemic.

In his recent tweets, he doesn’t fail to express his appreciation and support for their sacrifices and is urging his audience to do the same.

“Sending appreciation and support to all the hospital, pharmacy, grocery store, and postmate/food delivery workers. Thank you guys for risking your health to help others. Please everyone be kind to them and tell them how much u appreciate them. They deserve so much love right now.”

Fans rallied up to thank him for using his Twitter platform of 9.8M in a good way:

“I’ve been working in a grocery store for a year and never have I ever received the amount of abuse that I have in the past month – but on the bright side? People also give you so much love and it makes it lowkey worth it. Thanks, Shane.”

“Its been hell in retail right now, but people like you and the few others I’ve met that wish us the best and to stay healthy are the ones pushing us through. Thank you”

“Thank you for acknowledging everyone. As a pharmacy tech, the last few days have been pure insanity, as well as mentally draining. Sending all the love to my fellow workers across all fields “

Dawson’s actions just prove how words of encouragement and kindness, no matter how small, goes a long way.

“As someone who has been in retail for years, you have no idea what this means. Even just a little appreciation from someone like you goes a long way.”

Prioritizing the handicapped and the elderly

He also quote-tweeted a statement about prioritizing the “elderly and disabled people” who can’t get essentials for themselves with a lot of people panic buying stuff in bulk.

Agreeing to the sentiment, Dawson says:

“Agreed. 🙏🏻 My grandma raised me while my mom was working full time and if she was still around today she would be my top priority. Let’s all protect and take care of our elderly.”

He also expressed the same concern for those who are immunocompromised. According to authorities, they are also at high risk when infected with COVID-19.

“Sending all the #HighRiskCovid19 people love. if u go through the hashtag take a moment to reply to some of them with some love and support. It’s an especially scary time for them.”

Looking after the pets left behind

The YouTuber is also spreading awareness regarding the pets left behind in this pandemic, urging people to foster or adopt these lovely pets since shelters are closing.

“All the shelters in LA are closing which means now is the time to foster or adopt to help them out.”

To see Shane use his platform for a good cause is so refreshing. Hopefully, others could learn a thing or two from him.

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