Cloud9 presents first-ever all-female Valorant eSports line-up

The most MAJKL Team In VALORANT is here! Watch as C9White begins to take on the traditionally male-led eSports industry.

Famous eSports organization, Cloud9, has recently announced they’ve signed one of the first all-girls Valorant roster in the game’s esports community.

eSports roster

Various eSports orgs have been scouting Valorant pro players and forming teams to compete in upcoming tournaments.

Given that Riot’s new FPS is slowly shaping out to be one of the biggest eSports titles across the world, it’s nothing new to see even ex-CS:GO pros ditch the title for something fresh and new.

However, no professional org has yet signed an all-female squad to date— that is until Cloud9’s latest announcement on October 25.

The official line-up has been confirmed in a tweet. C9White will consist of: Alexis ‘alexis‘ Guarrasi, Annie ‘AnnieDro‘ Roberts, Jasmine ‘Jazzyk1ns‘ Manankil, Melanie ‘meL‘ Capone, and ‘katsumi.‘

The girls have all played together in the past, before they were confirmed as the official five faces of C9White.

“Who run the World?

We are excited to announce alongside @ATT our newest @PlayVALORANT roster who’s ready to take over. Please welcome #C9WHITE to the C9 family! #C9WIN”

Same goal

Cloud9’s senior vice president of marketing, Kristin Salvatore, said in an interview that both of C9’s female and male Valorant teams will play in the same league.

Since both teams are working towards the same goal of dominating Valorant’s growing eSports scene, they will practice together and have scrims (friendly competitive matches) against each other.

“We have two competitive teams… And our goal is to actually have one competitive team that has the best players on it.”

This statement hints at a mix of both male and female pro players, something that would be a total game-changer for a top-tier Valorant program.

A co-ed competitive eSports team is something we only rarely see in esports so far.

A parallel that could be cited as an example is Se-yeon ‘Geguri‘ Kim of the Shanghai Dragons in the Overwatch League.

One female bench player on a roster is totally different from forming an all-female team, though.

It’s big for Cloud9, a main club, to give six different girl gamers a great chance to spearhead its starting competitive lineup.


This is not the first time for the five members to play and work together as a team.

In fact, all five girls of C9White have previously played together on an unsponsored team called MAJKL.

They bagged the 5th – 8th spot at the Counter Logic Gaming Blitz Open Cup, and were recently hailed as champions during the all-female FTW Summer Showdown tournament in September.

Winning the All-Girls Valorant tournament truly solidified their skills and talents, making a big esports org like Cloud9 turn their attention to the team.

The official roster will play their first matches under C9 at Riot’s First Strike tournament qualifiers, beginning on October 26.

It’s refreshing to see big esports organizations making efforts to appeal more to the female gaming demographic, especially with the increasing number of girls involved in competitive eSports nowadays.

Traditionally, the eSports industry has been “male-dominated.” It will be interesting to see how things work out for C9White from here on.

Fans took to Twitter to express their heartfelt congratulations at the announcement:


“Oooo can’t wait to see how far you guys go! Congrats!”

“Waking up to this. love seeing the strides Esports is making every day”

“Let’s goooooooo. I never felt the need to back a team since they’re all kind of the same – no ideas/beliefs to align myself with, until now. Big respect for this decision, C9 on my chest”

“great to see more women in esports hopefully this is the start of something great”

Watch the Cloud9 White VALORANT Announcement Video here.

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