Riot confirms delay of Valorant patch 1.11, new release date announced

After a series of technical issues in the latest update which only brought some more in-game problems instead of fixing the existing issues, Riot decided to take back the Valorant patch 1.11.

Big update coming

The next patch is considerably a big update too. After prioritizing the release of a new map and a new Agent, Skye, fans and players have been highly anticipating the new patch.

However, it didn’t quite turn out the way the devs wanted it to be. This pushed them to make a big decision that will affect all of Valorant’s playerbase.

The announcement was confirmed in a tweet:

“Real talk: 1.11 has been a technical nightmare”

“In 30 minutes, we’ll be rolling back the patch for North America, Brazil, and LATAM (one at a time). We’re also delaying all other regions until we get a fix.”

The team didn’t set a specific date or ETA for the patch, but players can expect the re-release of the 1.11 patch sometime later in the week.

“We’ll redeploy later in the week once we can figure out a less disruptive time for the VALORANT First Strike Qualifiers (and have a solution, obviously). If you started the Skye character contract, you won’t be able to progress until we patch again.”

D-1 of Valorant First Strike x NSG Qualifiers and the patch 1.11 were notably colliding before the update was officially pulled back.

Many people, including pro and casual players, immediately noticed problems and issues with the latest patch after downloading it.

1.11 patch issues

What’s the problem with Valorant patch 1.11 exactly? There’s still old, notorious glitches like that of Viper’s ultimate or Brim’s smokes improperly reducing vision from within.

However, there’s also new and game-breaking bugs introduced to the game shortly after the new update.

For one, there’s a bizarre glitch that shows Sage’s character assets on screen while players navigate around shrouds like Omen’s Dark Cover.

Even pro players and content creators noticed the pressing problem, such as when 100 Thieves teammates HiKo and steel on separate occasions.

Though the bug is considerably a “blink and you miss it” glitch, it can be rather distracting in a match since it randomly appears then reappears again numerous times while pushing up on a smoke.

Other issues included more stuttering when getting a headshot or when someone on the enemy team appears on screen. Rest assured, the devs are looking into the case.

This delay puts the 1.11 patch scheduled at the end of the month on October 31, that is if the dev team successfully finds and fixes all that needs to be sorted out just in time.

For now, all players can do is wait patiently for the highly-anticipated patch and hope for the best!

Fans are taken aback by Riot’s decision, suggesting that they should have taken some more deliberation time before actually publishing the latest patch update:

“You guys are killing me! It’s Electronic Arts all over again! Don’t publish content unless it’s ready to be published! More internal testing! Learn from CD Projekt Red! Weary face /rant. I still love you.”

“Every patch is broken at release, do you even have some quality team to test this?”

“Not gonna lie, while I was looking forward to skye, I hated the KJ nerf, felt very limiting. So pretty glad we’re going back. sorry that things aren’t too great on you guys’ side either, thank you for all your hard work I know its difficult while this pandemic is happening.”

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