Dr Disrespect Calls Out Ninja for His “Worst” TikTok Videos

DrDisrespect didn’t hold back after calling out Ninja for his “worst” TikTok videos.

In fact, the Twitch star even went out of his way to plead Ninja to stop posting his shenanigans on Tiktok and sharing them on Twitter.

There is no denying how TikTok has taken over the online world. Users have been flooding social media with TikTok clips of themselves either dancing, singing, or following a viral trend.

The growing trend is similar to the way Vine took over the internet in 2013.

In fact, plenty of emerging stars like Charli D’Amelio and Addison Rae have found fame on the app. But not only TikTok stars are flocking to the platform, as popular content creators like Ninja are also jumping on the bandwagon.

He hasn’t gone viral overnight like the others though, which prompted Dr Disrespect to give him some words of wisdom.

The two-time does not hold back when it comes to voicing out his opinion.

On his February 27 stream, he was doing his usual Overwatch grind before his chat brought up the subject of TikTok.

Like a natural reflex, the Doc expressed his disdain over the platform and even putting Ninja’s clips in the spotlight.

“Listen, Ninja has the worst TikToks – I’m just going to come out and say it since no one else wants to.”

“Ninja, hey, Dr Disrespect here – Two-Time, back-to-back. Ninja, if I were you, I would save your brand by not making any more TikToks. Don’t, just stop it. Knock it off.”

Shots were fired by the two-time, even if it’s against his fellow streaming star.

He further kicked things up a notch by emphasizing once more:

“Knock it off man. That’s enough! Ninja, that’s enough. No more TikTok.”

Sounds like the typical Doc that fans across the globe all know and love!

His message riled up the chat into laughter, clearly entertained by his thoughts over Ninja’s recent TikTok exposure.

Whether Ninja will even consider replying to the Doc’s message remains to be a matter of waiting game. But for now, it’s clear how he’s having fun with the platform.

In fact, his wife/manager even posted a snapshot of the Fortnite star enjoying TikTok videos while relaxing in their grand house.

“Welp. I suppose when you bust your ass and buy your own house you can do what you want 🤷🏼‍♀️ btw he’s laying there watching Tik Toks waiting for coffee to be ready.”

For someone like Ninja who achieved worldwide success thanks to his grit, passion, and hard work — it’s pretty clear he deserves the freedom to enjoy the things he love, no matter what anyone says!

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