Youtuber Ethan Dolan Shuts “Hateful” Followers Over Acne Comments

Youtuber Ethan Dolan shut down haters and told them: no, not today.

One of the Dolan Twins, Ethan has boldly called out the “sh*tty” people who are attacking his appearance as he opened up about his struggles in dealing with acne.

He has been vocal about his struggles especially after the loss of his father in 2019.

However, the spotlight has been re-focused back on him after the release of a recent documentary honoring his father’s legacy.

Many users have criticized the way he looked as of late, with a visible acne break out in most of his photos on social media.

Perhaps feeling overwhelmed by the hate comments, he spoke up on Twitter about his acne issues which he revealed was out of his control. He also pinned his bullies who continue to harass him for his “bad luck”

“So many people deal with acne, I can just imagine the comments they get about their appearance daily.”

“We all know it’s never cool or okay to pick on someone for their appearance and what’s out of their control, but that’s not going to stop people from doing it. Sh*tty people will continue to be sh*tty.”

He repeated to his followers how acne and the way someone looks doesn’t “define” them as a person. At the end of the day, all that matters is learning to love oneself.

“I do think the world is headed in a way better direction where people will take others feelings into consideration and be more supporting and accepting… but until it’s fully there, it’s important to focus on loving yourself so hateful people’s words are meaningless.”

“If you’re struggling with your skin, no matter how severe your conditions may be, I encourage you to embrace it.”

Fans were quick to defend Dolan, saying he owes the haters nothing and praising the way he was brave enough to post his personal thoughts.

“you’re so beautiful ethan, and whoever else could be reading this, acne is such a common thing it happens to the best of us, it can’t be controlled…”

“UNREAL. We are more than our skin. People are so desperate to project their own insecurities on others as if it will magically make them feel better about themselves.”

“Your acne does not and should not ever define you — also, dat arch and jawline.”

His twin, Grayson Dolan, also said that the hate his brother is receiving is uncalled for.

“I’ve seen a fair amount of tweets calling my brother “ugly” bc of his current acne breakout. E isn’t one to let things like this bother him but this shit doesn’t sit right w ME. Making fun or putting someone down bc of a physical appearance that is out of their control is ugly.”

Ethan Dolan remains to be one of the most popular Youtubers. Being one half of the Dolan Twins, they have both garnered over 10.7 million subscribers on the platform.He’s also a social media powerhouse by his own right, with 8.3 million followers on Twitter and 9.2 million followers on Instagram.

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