Pokimane’s first-ever Call of Duty stream ends up in shocking, email leak

Another livestream fail is caught on-cam involving Twitch star Pokimane!

And no, it’s not another NSFW incident. The streamer instead leaked her own email and game ID in a stream, which resulted in a flood of friend requests (and emails, quite possibly) from viewers and fans.

Recent incident

Just last month, the streamer made headlines across different online platforms for “accidentally” opening a PornHub tab while on a live broadcast.

Poki walked away from the incident with no suspension or ban, but she did reveal how Twitch warned her to be more careful. Plenty of users continue to take out their cries for fairness, though.

This time, she suffers another memorable streaming highlight where she accidentally leaked her email and Activision ID while streaming a game of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare for the first time.

Accidental leak

The Twitch star revealed on her May 29 stream  that she has never played a single Call of Duty game in her life.

“To everyone asking, yes – this is my first time playing Call of Duty… Any sort of Call of Duty.”

Despite her years of experience as a streamer, Poki never felt the need to give the famed FPS title a go.

“I never played it on console or anything else. I’ve never played Warzone… So, it’ll be fun. And the thing is, I don’t even watch Call of Duty really, so I don’t even know what the gameplay is like because I don’t really watch stuff until I know how to play it.”

While she was setting up her copy of the Modern Warfare title to stream the game, she got up and away from the screen to refill her water.

Unfortunately, fans were quick to see her email and Activision ID fully visible on the screen.

It didn’t take long for her fans to flood her personal account with friend requests.

Pokimane came back realizing a little too late that she did indeed leak her own personal details.

Taking it pretty well

Despite what happened, Pokimane seems to accept the reality of her email leak well.

She did bury her head in her hands for a while though, most likely regretting a mishap she could have easily avoided.

Poki explains:

“You know, I’m almost not mad because it’s comical for me to go AFK at that exact moment. It’s f*cking comical.”

Now that her personal email address is out and posted across internet communities, the streamer is bracing herself for hundreds or thousands of emails, messages, and the like.

Hopefully, her fans will respect their boundaries despite the leak and stray away from any form of harassment.

If you’re wondering where’s the alleged leak of Pokimane’s personal email address and Activision game ID, sorry— we don’t plan on including it here!

We gotta give our OG girl gamer some respect and privacy, even if that means we’re about to simp for Poki. Guess we’ll have to simp really hard.

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