Watch: Twitch streamer’s wild reaction to 2.5k viewer raid

It’s always great to see something good happen to small, hardworking streamers on Twitch!

In particular, streamer duck_7 had a rather “wild” reaction on her September 17 livestream after another streamer raided her channel and sent 2.5k viewers her way.

As she couldn’t contain her visible happiness, the starlet was seen screaming with glee and shock at the unexpected but welcomed gesture.

What is a Twitch raid?

In case you’re unfamiliar with the term, a Twitch raid happens when another streamer reaches the end of their own stream for the day and they want to send their viewers to check out another’s stream shortly after.

Raiding allows one streamer to share their followers and fans with another, who is usually just starting out on the platform. This may just help their fellow content creator grow his or her own audience on the platform.

Most of the time, this comes as a surprise and a touching gesture  to many small, aspiring streamers.

Back in August, popular streamer Mizkif spearheaded a Twitch raid thinking that the smaller creator was into making coloring book content— but as it turns out, she actually produces NSFW or adult content.

The streamer was grateful for the viewer boost at the very least.

This time, one streamer ‘KrustingKevin’ was finishing up his stream where he’s seen helping out at a rescue zoo, when he told his audience he would do a raid afterwards.

With under 20,000 subscribers, KrustingKevin chose to raid fellow streamer duck_7, who has 2000 followers to date.

Her expression upon knowing the raid went into a mixture of visible surprise, confusion, and glee as the viewers began pouring in her chat,

The streamer began screaming and jumping back in her chair, exclaiming:

“Let’s go, let’s get it!”

“2000 what? 1000, 2000, what? This is my chance!”

She even went to pick up a few fake cash lying around and threw them in the air.

Her ridiculous but rather crazy antics didn’t stop there. Streamer duck_7 also jumped on her bed and pretended to swim, kicked a pillow in the process, and threw herself on the ground all in visible excitement.

Her Twitch raid reaction clip went viral across online communities, with over 150,429 views on Twitch.

It was a great opportunity to show her jolly and vibrant personality to her new viewers in hopes of drawing more followers.

Her chat, of course, was confused but entertained at her antics. Many viewers went to say “we broke her,” and “what are we watching?” But it seems like this animated-like reaction isn’t anything out of the ordinary when it comes to the streamer.

Accordingly, she says in her Nightbot introduction: “I’m Duck7, half Korean half duck. If you are here to relax you are in the wrong stream.”

Her apparent silliness and wild side are parts of her normal, regular self.

The starlet also took the chance to thank her new viewers in both English and Korean after having calmed down a bit. She also panned down to the fake money lying on the floor and said:

“I gotta pick these up or my mom’s gonna whoop my a**.”

Duck_7’s spunky personality might have triggered the interest of many to check out her content and get to know her more!

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