Riot says old Valorant skin bundles will not be brought back in the game

For the sake of skin rarity, Riot recently confirmed that they have “no plans” to re-introduce old Valorant bundles in the game.

This is unfortunate news for new players who missed out on the Elderflame collection, or those who want to add Glitchpop to their arsenal.

However, those who have purchased those skins will be rewarded with its classic rarity and bragging rights.

No plans

At present, Riot confirmed that the old Valorant skin bundles won’t be returning to the store in full. But as a silver lining to this information— there is still a way for new players to collect them all, and even enjoy a discount.

Devs have been introducing new skin bundles through the Valorant shop on a weekly basis.

From the highly-coveted Elderflame skins to the new Ego collection, these bundles give players a chance to immediately get a ton of gun skins but at a cost.

While some players can’t enjoy the opportunity to buy older skin bundles, such as the Prime or the Elderflame, they will have to rely on their luck.

They can still get these exclusive skins by rolling them in the rotating shop at a full price, instead of the bundle discounts.

Keeping it that way

It seems like Riot wants to keep things that way in the long run, as well.

Preeti, a Valorant developer, confirmed on the official Valorant subreddit that Riot has no intention of recycling old skin bundles in the shop as of the moment.

They are considered once-offs, and the Valorant shop will instead be refreshed with new skins constantly.

“We don’t currently have any plans to feature old bundles, so the only way to get old stuff is to buy it in the rotating store,”

Players may still get skins as they crop up in their respective in-game shop. But, there’s also a way to get some of the bundle discounts.

Preeti further said that if a player buys all the gun skins and get the knife last, there’s a possibility to pick it up for free— but she doesn’t recommend quoting her statement on that, and instead redirects interested players to check with the game’s player support.

“I think if you get all the skin line’s weapons in the rotating store and then see the melee, the melee should be free (don’t buy the melee first), but don’t quote me on that. I recommend checking with player support.”

To guarantee skin rarity, there are some stuff included in the seasonal bundles that players won’t be able to get through the rotating shop.

In particular, the famed “accessory pack,” consisting of gun buddies, player cards, and titles, will never fully return to the shop unless the bundles make a comeback.

“If you do it this way, you won’t get the accessory pack though ⁠— those are only available when you buy the full bundle in the featured store.”

If you missed out on the Elderflame skins, there’s still a chance you can get them on Valorant— provided you have the luck.

Unfortunately though, the exclusive player cards and gun buddies are unlikely to be available in the game once again with how Riot is planning to keep things the way they are for the long-term.

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