A Ninja Funko Pop Vinyl May Be on Its Way to Your Collection!

Rumor has it, Ninja is getting his own Pop Vinyl very soon.

Being one of the most prominent figures in the gaming industry, Ninja is undoubtedly deserving to have an exclusive collectible of himself!

There is an existing bunch of exclusive Ninja merchandise available in the market, from t-shirts to shoes. An in-game Fortnite skin was even released by the likes of the blue-haired gaming icon.

And now, you can just add a Ninja figure to your growing collection!

This brand new collaboration between the Fortnite star and Funko was leaked on February 23.

After the Toy Fair 2020, famous creator of Pop Vinyls Funko revealed their plans for the upcoming year.

Although few expected figures didn’t make it to their announced line-up, Ninja was confirmed to have a pop vinyl of his own.

The famous pop-culture brand confirmed the collaboration on Instagram:

“Not officially revealed today, but a Ninja Funko POP! Should be on the way too ~ !!”

More information about the new collectible figure was leaked on Australian retailers on February 23, which rapidly went viral on social media.

The Ninja Pop Vinyl looks exactly like what you’d expect the Fortnite streamer to look like in chibi form. He rocks his signature blue and gold color scheme which is a familiar sight to see.

Aside from that, he’s wearing a t-shirt with his own logo printed on it and a pair of Ninja-exclusive kicks.

If you’re aiming to add the official Ninja Pop Vinyl to your figure collection, here’s what you need to know on how much it may cost and where you can get it:

According to Popcultcha, which leaked a release page of the product, the Ninja figure is priced at $14.17 USD.

Various Australian retailers had it shortly available for $20 AUD, before taking the product off their storefronts.

The price range is considered as the usual going price for Funko’s iconic chibi-style figurines.

So the big question now is, when will the Ninja Pop Vinyl be released?

The product will be available to pre-order very soon. Its intended release date is on April 30, though this may vary across the world. It’s better to ask your local retailers for a more accurate date.

This exclusive Ninja x Funko collaboration is a big opportunity you wouldn’t want to miss.

In case the Funko collectibles of Ninja get sold out before you can place an order, fret not! The Fortnite star is selling his own range of exclusive toys in various retailers.

Thanks to his global fame and massive success, there are lots of other collectible Ninja figures you can collect as a devoted fan.Being one of the world’s most popular gamers, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins now boasts 2.3 million subscribers on Mixer and is by far the most popular user on the platform.

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