Pokelawls joins TSM’s list of content creators

It’s official, Pokelawls is now signed as one of TSM’s streamers!

The recent announcement has been nothing short of a delightful surprise to many fans and streaming enthusiasts.

Hiring spree?

TSM is known to be on a massive hiring spree on content creators, having recently recruited  popular chess player Hikaru Nakamura and GreedGodX— a variety streamer.

It seems like the group is trying to form a solid roster of content creators, but their latest signing has been nothing but a surprise to most fans across the globe.

Turns out, variety streamer Georgie “Pokelawls” Karam has signed to be an official part of TSM as a content creator slash streamer.

The announcement has been confirmed in a tweet:

“And the dubs just keep rolling in.

Welcome to TSM,


📺: https://youtu.be/U4yJdY7SQcw”

Attached is a video where he jokingly commented on his previous eSports career in Overwatch, as well as other titular games he’s played for the past years.

He also magically wears a TSM jersey at the end of the announcement video, officially confirming his addition to the team.

Who is Pokelawls?

Pokelawls, now self-dubbed as “TSM frog” on his Twitter bio, has garnered over 681K followers on his Twitch channel as of writing.

He is a known variety streamer, having been involved in the competitive eSports community before.

He rose to prominence as a player for the Canadian Overwatch league, picking up Genji. Pokelawls also most notably played in the first Overwatch World Cup for Team Canada, alongside famous players such as Toronto Defiant player Lane “Surefour” Roberts.

Nowadays, the streamer is known to be a casual yet chill internet personality who plays a variety of titular games like VRChat and Grand Theft Auto— which only made him more popular in the Twitch community.

His reaction videos also go viral every now and then, making him a hot topic acoss online communities. Poke’s hilarious in-game antics and fun collaborations with other streamers made him a famous name on Twitch.

His current popularity and success on the platform primarily paved the way for him to join TSM as one of their official content creators.

He began his full-time streaming career back in 2013, growing to be a big name on the internet for quite some time now. He also boasts a great following on other social media platforms like Twitter and YouTube, with over 255,000 subscribers on the latter.

Although the Canadian internet sensation keeps details about his personal life rather private, he often features his mother on his streams which only adds a wholesome flair to his content.

With other big names in the industry signed to TSM such as fellow streamers Myth and now Greekgodx, it’s only fitting for Poke to join their roster.

Fans seem to be supportive of Pokelawl’s latest addition to the TSM family:

“tsm making big moves”

“This team never disappoints”

“I love poke so much”

“That’s a pretty big W for TSM”

“What a great pick up. Welcome Poke and Fam!”

He also thanked his audience for their warm response towards the announcement:

“Thank you everyone for the support! Being a part of @TSM will only be great for me and them. I will be getting my VISA and return to Austin again!”

What’s next?

Now that the announcement is made official, it seems like Pokelawls will get his visa back to enter the USA again, similar to what his fellow streamer xQc did in the past.

However, now that Poke is tied to a big eSports company, plenty of new opportunities must be awaiting for him in his rising career.

Despite the fame and success, it doesn’t seem like the streamer will change much the way most of his audience know him from his streams.

He’ll retain the same energy and fun vibes—  all under the TSM banner that is.

Welcome to the TSM family, Pokelawls! We can’t wait to see what’s next in store for you in this new chapter of your career.

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