Thinking of using the boost exploit to jump higher in Valorant? Here’s how

If you ever want to take the high ground over your opponents and use it to your advantage in a match, now might be the perfect time to pull off such a stunt in Valorant.

Many players are making use of a boost exploit to jump higher in the game, which gives a high ground advantage over the opposing team.

High ground advantage

It goes without saying that gaining the higher ground over your opponents can help in any tactical shooter games, especially in Valorant.

It will give players much more vision control to shoot at and view, while giving the enemy team little to work with.

Reddit user “kratzk0pp” recently posted a new video where he revealed the new tricks he had been effectively pulling off in higher ELO matches.

He titled the post as “I discovered how you can jump higher and it’s more useful than you think,” which gained traction in the Valorant subreddit community at over 6.4k upvotes.

For the first trick, he shows others how it’s possible to jump higher as any agent in the Riot title.

It remains unclear if Riot intended this feature to be possible or if it’s another glitch the devs simply overlooked. However, considering the steps required to be able to do such a trick, it’s likely that a hotfix might be introduced soon.

Steps for the boost exploit

There are three steps to follow if you want to try out the boost exploit for yourself. First, set your agent standing on a tiny ridge.

Next, prepare to jump and hold crouch. Release the crouch key as soon as you hit the object you want to land on.

As further explained by kratzk0pp in the comments:

“You need to release the crouch key in the very moment you hit the object you want to jump on. That’s a major difference to what you know from other games. A simple crouch jump as you know it won’t work.”

Based on the comments, the said jump boost trick seems to be working for other players as well.

Some players even went on to say there’s nothing to be surprised about the alleged exploit, since the trick was actually common in other FPS titles:

“I’m surprised more people don’t know about this. I thought it was common knowledge due to it being kinda common in other fps games, like in PUBG before they added vaulting (gave this example because it was the last fps I played before Valorant).”

After performing all the steps right, you will have boosted your agent up. Kratzk0pp also demonstrated the process with further video examples.

He also reveals that the next video, which he plans to share soon on the subreddit, will cover a more advanced trick for which players will need to master the first one.

Possible combinations?

Given the jump boost, players may even combine it with a bunny hop to gain the high ground and quickly snipe enemies. It also presents the opportunity to use it in conjunction with a Sage wall.

Bottomline, it can create some nice possible combinations to surprise your opponents who will never see your next steps coming.

But, it’s no reason to cheer still, as Riot might decide to patch this jump shortly in the next coming updates. Until the devs do, Valorant players might want to take advantage of the boost to use it in winning their matches.

There’s no harm in trying and practicing, after all. Why not give it a try now?

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