Logan Paul’s Sex Tape Leaked?

An alleged sex tape of Logan Paul has reportedly hit the internet, and the Youtube star seems to have a lot to say about it.

An explicit video hit social media allegedly showed Logan Paul engaging in a sex act with another man.

Although there hasn’t been a confirmation that it was indeed Logan seen in the video, he was pretty chill about the said allegations.

Taking aim at the on-going rumors, he tweeted:

“100k retweets and ill release the full sex tape”

Logan Paul continued to tweet a series of other flip responses, jumping on the hype, but not actually addressing whether it was really him on the said video.

The social media star is not a stranger to controversy.

In the past, he stirred up controversy related to his sexuality when he explicitly told he was planning to “go gay for a month” on an episode of his podcast Impaulsive.

The statement gathered backlash and caused a stir from a number of LGBT Groups, of which included the organization Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation.

He would later apologize for the statement.

The alleged sex tape, as well as Logan’s flip replies, took the Twitter community by storm and thus made the Youtuber’s name land the top of the Twitter trending list.

Fans were quick to express their irate reaction over Logan Paul’s nonchalance for his involvement on the sex tape.

They speculate that he enjoys the exposure and the online attention his name is getting.

“the decade just couldn’t end quietly could it”
“From sex tapes to suicidal people, we look at the top ten worst things Logan Paul has got on video”
“Is there anyway to negative retweet? That is one of if not the thing I want to see least on this earth.”

If it was really Logan Paul in the video, whoever released the said sex tape would likely be apprehended and face legal trouble.

A number of states in the USA passed so-called “revenge porn” laws to protect people, especially high-profile stars, who have their explicit photos and videos leaked online without their consent.

The movement is fueled in part by a series of nude images and videos of celebrities being leaked online, such as the cases of actress Jennifer Lawrence and model Kate Upton in the past.

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