Pewdiepie Unboxes Custom-made 100 Million Subscriber Award

It’s another milestone moment for Pewdiepie!

The famed Youtuber has recently revealed his new custom-made 100 million subscriber award.

This new milestone award comes after receiving the “Ruby Play Button” last September.

He’s the second channel on the platform to receive the 100 million subscriber award, losing out to India’s T-Series after their entertaining race for the goal.

Although falling behind to the Indian record label, Pewdiepie (Felix Kjellberg) still emerged victorious.

He is the first individual content creator to achieve such a prestigious award and accordingly, he showed his fans the custom-made award he received for the occasion.

The award 2.0 was such a beautiful commemoration for Pewds to reach 100 million subscribers on the video platform!

His custom-made award was a little more personal compared to the Ruby Play Button, particularly because this brand new award featured a Minecraft block and his iconic gaming chair.

Pewdiepie is well known for his Minecraft series, creating a unique adventure universe with his trusty 8bit dog Sven.

“I finally have the 100 million award, the official 100 million award, here it is, amazing!”

“Some of you guys thought YouTube’s award was a little lackluster design-wise, so BobbyDukeArts made it thank you so much.”

Reading the plaque aloud ever so proudly, he continued:

“Presented to PewDiePie for passing 100 million subscribers, it feels like the community is giving me an award which obviously means a lot.”

He further highlighted the craftsmanship of his new award, explaining:

“Its such high quality, it’s apparently made with a couple of different kinds of wood, very nice, it feels very premium and with the chair as well, so good.”

The new award added a tiny replica of his iconic gaming chair atop the trophy, which was also adjustable so the Youtube icon can lean the chair back and forth as if he was actually sitting on it.

In the video, he also congratulated fellow Youtube content creator MrBeast on the success of his #TeamTrees project which recently hit its target goal of raising $20 million to plant twenty million trees.

Despite all his recent success on the platform, along with breaking new records, Pewdiepie also revealed that he would be taking a break from Youtube in early 2020.

No, this is not goodbye. This is only to give himself some time to relax for the holiday season. A well-deserved break for all the hard work he’s done for the past year.

Fans may have to wait a while for their favorite Youtuber to come back, energized and ecstatic as ever!

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