HAchubby Trolls Fans with “Mixer” Move Announcement Prank

In line with the mass exodus of big Twitch stars leaving for the rival platform, HAchubby was quick to troll her fans with a “Mixer” move prank.

She definitely pulled a fast one on her viewers!

HAchubby is one of the rising stars on Twitch, garnering over 147k followers on her channel.

After successfully growing her channel in just a short amount of time, she’s now one of the most watched variety streamers on the platform.

Her bubbly personality along with her eagerness to learn more about memes and western culture made her lovable to many.

On her December 20th stream, she put her pranking skills to the test as she effortlessly trolled her viewers with a “surprise” announcement.

Capturing her video with “Big news!”, fans were quick to speculate whether HAchubby will also leave Twitch for Mixer.

He zoomed in on her Pepe the Frog plushie, a famous icon of memes and trolling, and said:

“Okay you want news? You want real news? You want real, yes?”

At the moment, her chat exploded with people spamming “Mixer.” She jumped on the hype as she finally “revealed” her news, further saying:

“Okay, I’m actually going to Mixer!”

Her chat went berserk before she jumped up from her bed and moved the camera to focus on a music mixer, revealing it wasn’t actually the platform she was talking about.

“Oh, hi, Mixer!”

She later revealed that she had planned it out for her audience to be a part of an epic prank.

Who knew the Mixer she was referring to was actually a music mixer device she used for her streams? The streamer seemed to be ecstatic to have tricked her audience flawlessly.

Her chat seemed to have taken the whole prank thing well though, spamming laughing emojis.

If anything, it only proves that HAchubby has learned her way to troll online viewers properly.

What kind of pranks could she be pulling off next? Fans may just have to wait and see!

In 2018, HAchubby first joined Twitch and now grew to be the 29th most watched “Just Chatting” channel. Talk about quick success on the platform!

She may not be moving to any rival platforms anytime soon, as she’s content staying on Twitch for her supportive fans and viewers.

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