Pewdiepie Calls Jake Paul’s Newest Financial Freedom Movement Project a “Scam”

Seems like Pewdiepie is not the biggest fan of Jake Paul’s new Financial Freedom Movement project, as he took a moment to roast the controversial Youtuber.

Just this week, Pewds made his triumphant return to Youtube after his well-deserved break.

And aside from reacting to memes like he always does, he was quick to call out Jake Paul and his new money-generating scheme. He even branded it as a “scam”.

Felix “Pewdiepie” Kjellberg posted a Youtube video entitled “What is Jake Paul up to?“, assessing what Paul was up to since his Youtube hiatus.

Turns out, he has launched his very own side hustle. Jake Paul describes it as an endeavor to teach his young fans about skipping school and the traditional 9-5 job to achieve their dreams.

This dream, of course, comes with a fee as they have to pay Paul to avail of his service.

Regardless, Pewdiepie didn’t miss out on the chance to poke some fun at the controversial internet personality.

He begins the clip by joking:

“Yes, Jake Paul is the person I envision when I think of financial freedom.”

He went through the subscription service, addressing the 72 subscribers who had signed up so far as he checked out the website for himself.

Pewds had a hearty laugh at the “secret formulas” and the “coaching calls” that were offered by the service. Simply put, the service aims to teach users how to become famous and make money.

Giving his fans an in-depth behind-the-scenes of the scheme, he continues:

“If you want to pay 20 bucks for that, I’m not gonna stop you… From the looks of engagement, it looks like luckily not many people are buying into it.” Further adding, “Jake Paul is the reason no one likes YouTubers. I’m probably guilty as well, nevermind.”

Pewdiepie himself called out Jake’s motives for starting the said platform. He hit out at his claim to be passionate to teach others important life skills.

“It’s so disingenuous to put forth this is what you’re passionate about. When in reality the only thing Jake Paul has shown himself to be passionate about is making money.”

“Jake Paul is the kind of celebrity that has no value, so all they do is they project this image of wealth. And now he’s monetising that to get more money. It’s like he’s stuck in this loop where he has to pretend it’s all about money to make more money.”

The tea is scalding hot! Then again, this isn’t the first time for Pewdiepie to criticize the celebrity figure.

“In reality you can replace Jake Paul with anything or anyone and it wouldn’t make a difference. He’s literally empty and no one.”

Although he personally agrees that much of the current school system is outdated, he doesn’t fully believe Jake Paul would be capable of teaching his young fans about financial freedom.

“There is a tonne of actually inspiring legitimate people you can listen to on YouTube for free, not monthly payment.”

He warns his viewers, “This is another influencer scam. I don’t need to tell you because you already know this is complete bullsh*t… but I find it interesting this is still happening.’

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