Recap #5

Last week finally saw Pewdiepie’s official comeback to the online world. If that doesn’t make this week something special than the ordinary, we don’t know what does!

Aside from his highly-awaited return, here are some of the news you might have missed for the past week:

It’s a historic day for the growing esports scene in Europe.

The European Esports Federation (EEF) was recently launched in Brussels, Belgium, with 23 countries represented.

These constituents from all over Europe will represent more than one million gamers in the continent. The said federation is starting with 23 national associations and 3 major esports stakeholders, EsForce, ESL, and Burson Cohn & Wolfe.

The EEF aims to promote a “conscious, responsible, sustainable, inclusive, healthy, and value-based development in esports.”

Youtube’s number one content king is back!

More than a month after taking an official hiatus, Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg has returned with a new video which landed the top spot on the platform’s trending list.

Pewds reacted to some of the viral memes he missed over the course of his break and also gave hints about his future plans. The streamer also didn’t miss out on the chance of telling his viewers how much he appreciates them, and that he’s grateful for their consistent support.

Looks like the Youtuber is set and ready to return to his usual grind.

Pokimane has teamed up with University of California Irvine’s esports initiative to create a special ‘Poki’ scholarship.

It will be awarded to one lucky student in UCI’s esports program, which the streamer is excited about. It is notably difficult for college students to balance their work-gaming life especially in the competitive esports scene.

The chosen student is reported to receive $2,500 financial aid per year, beginning in 2022. The university further clarified that:

“there is no limit to how many times a student can earn the scholarship during his or her time at UCI.”

Aside from that, Pokimane will also be sponsoring 4 STEM Advantage scholars for majors in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

When it was announced that two new games related to the Stardew Valley universe are in-the-works, fans went crazy.

ConcernedApe, sole developer of the indie classic, confirmed in a tweet on February 11 that he was “working on a couple of new projects” in an answer to a fan who asked if there’d be future games set within the Stardew Valley universe.

He has then urged for the internet to calm down after the announcement, noting how he’s not looking to make anything that rivals the amazing success of the titular farming/life simulator game.

Instead, he only wants to work on a game he enjoys and is happy with.

Mixer star Shroud reached his 1 million follower milestone on the platform, despite underperforming during his first four months since his transfer.

Apparently, he’s not doing so badly on his new home platform!

Shroud has achieved this milestone only four months after signing a multi-year exclusivity deal with Microsoft’s streaming platform.

He may be far from reaching and surpassing the audience count he had on Twitch, but income-wise, the money he’ll get from Mixer may just set him for life.

One report suggests that the “the biggest streamers are earning as much as $40 million over three to five years.”

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