David Dobrik Teases to Leak Corinna Kopf’s Nudes on Billboard

Corinna Kopf’s nudes on billboard? This may just be one way for Youtuber David Dobrik to break the internet this 2020.

Corinna Kopf is a popular Instagram star and Youtuber. She was first featured in David Dobrik’s vlogs before branching out to have a channel of her own, but she seems to remain as an active member of the Vlog Squad.

Recently, the social media star made headlines after breaking up with Fortnite pro Tfue for the second time.

The pair apparently broke up because of the distance, with Tfue being based in LA and Corinna in Florida. Neither of the two was ready to move and leave their friends behind.

In the wake of their break-up, Kopf seemed to be living her best life.

She partied with her good friend, David Dobrik, and even suggested in a tweet how things may have gotten a little wild and out of control:

“i just sent my nudes to everyone currently at david’s house hahahahaha why am i like this”

Fans were quick to jump in with their ridiculous replies, even wanting to be a rat or a plant (at the very least) if that means they can be at Dobrik’s house:

“I would drag my balls through 5 yards of shattered glass with my eyelids stapled shut just to be a plant at david dobrik’s house”
“Ayo where’s David’s house again I’m tryna see somethin”
“I see why everyone keeps showing up to David’s house now”
“i’m literally the rat living in his garden and i didn’t get sent them 😒 rude”

In a now-deleted tweet, Dobrik subtweeted and suggested how the “leaked nudes” will be coming soon on billboard.

The Youtuber is known for his crazy but hilarious antics, such as when he put a friend’s drunk texts on a billboard for everyone to see.

“My friend has been drunk texting my assistant so I printed his texts out and put them on a billboard”

Seems like Corinna is handling her post-break up blues well!

A few days after both she and Tfue confirmed their break-up, she has been tweeting one-liners like “sad” and a broken heart emoji as a way to cope up with her feelings.

But since she’s surrounded by her good old set of friends, she may be feeling back to normal in no time.

The 24-year-old recently moved to stream her gameplays exclusively on Facebook Gaming.

She also counts 1.6 million YouTube subscribers with her IRL and variety vlogs and 3.7 million Instagram followers.

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