Pokimane Celebrates 4M Sub Special by Dropping a Day in the Life Video

Fans and game enthusiasts have long since wondered what a day in the life of a Twitch superstar is like — and Pokimane was generous enough to share her personal experience to many!

In a recent tweet, the streamer explained:

“this has been a HOT minute in the making, my 4M subsc special is finally live – it’s a day in the life of a streamer! 😁

waking up, getting ready, stream, gym, bedtime & more~

please lemme know what u think 🥺😊”

The 24-minute video, which she shared with her 4M channel following, has over 443k views on Youtube as of writing.

In the video description, Imane “Pokimane” Anys goes deeper as to what the vlog was all about:

“A Day in the Life of Pokimane is here! I take you through a regular day of being a twitch streamer! From doing my makeup / showing my morning routine, to streaming and going to the gym to workout. Then finally ending the day with the Offline TV Podcast and getting ready for bed.”

Her fans are granted a behind-the-scenes look at a day in the life of a Twitch streamer!

Anys further showed the rest of her daily activities, which included making a fancy salmon and cream cheese toast breakfast, picking her outfit for the day, playing with her cute kitty Mimi, interacting with her amazing viewers in chat, going to meet with her funny trainer Michael at the gym, getting spotted by a young fan at the streets, playing video games to turn off her brain, responding to business emails, recording a hilarious podcast, laughs with her friends, and unwinding during her relaxing nighttime routine before bed!

Pokimane also emphasized how streaming has been beneficial to her, especially whenever she makes a positive impact on another person’s day.

“I think I just really like the feeling of being able to impact someone’s day hopefully positively and…creating like enjoyable or entertaining moments for everybody that’s watching and that can make their day better.”

“In this day and age, we’re all just looking for ways to feel a little bit less lonely and I think livestreaming does that really well.”

Fans didn’t miss the chance to catch a glimpse of a day in the life of Twitch’s number 1 female streamer:

“Just watched and I LOVED. Super perplexed on how your makeup stayed intact all day even after the gym! Must learn your ways, Queen 😤🥰”
“Congratulations poki for hitting 4 million and your editor did a amazing job on this video keep it up poki you’re doing a great job 💙 keep spreading the love and wholesome vibes😁👍”
“I just saw the video and I loved it, very dynamic and fun as always Poki. I loved it and I was very curious as was the life of a Streamer. Very good video and I expect more of this type. And congratulations on the 4M “

Watch Pokimane’s full vlog here

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