Ferrellcat Shares Controversial Views on Gender Equality

Ferrellcat sparked an online debate for sharing her surprisingly sexist views on gender equality via a series of tweets.

On November 5, her controversial tweet seemed to have trigger many:

“some girls are really out here “dating” boys with no job, not in school, having to pay his rent and food and then call that a relationship. girl you’re his mom”

A male fan replied to her own tweet, twisting her words to the other side of the story.

“some dudes be “dating” girls with no job, not in school, having to pay his rent and food and then call that a relationship. boy you’re her dad”

To which the former replied:

“doesn’t work that way lol try again”

Not long after, her Twitter account has been notably turned to private presumably to avoid the growing backlash.

In case you haven’t heard of her before, Ferrell is an aspiring e-girl figure who gained fame on Twitch while playing games such as League of Legends.

She has 12.4k followers on Twitter, 6.4k on Twitch and 8.5k on Instagram in terms of followers.

Online communities were quick to discuss the streamer’s problematic statement. In a particular subreddit r/LivestreamFail, many pointed out how this way of thinking was rather hypocritical for her to say.

“[Said by] some irrelevant streamer who ironically enough makes money from older men giving her donations for being cute.”

“this type of mindset is cancer, and I really wish people who thought this would have it blow up in their face 100% of the time.”

“Unfortunately lots of girls think like her. It’s okay for a woman to depend on a guy but not the other way around.”

In agreement, the majority of people in the sub echoed how she implied double standards. They argue how the Twitch starlet literally sits there to look pretty in livestreams and across social media platforms as old men flaunt their money off for her to make a living.

Some are also convinced how she’s obviously baiting drama to become more known. Baiting for attention seems to be a good reason why someone would tweet something as bold as this, at least for many fans that is.

Seems like fans may have to wait a while for Ferellcat to speak out and justify such thought-provoking tweets! Who knows, she might issue a public apology for generalizing the entire male gender.

But one thing’s certain, there’s no room for sexist and poorly-thought out statements if you’re an online influencer.

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