Twitch Streamer Banned for Playing with her Dog?

Female streamers playfully playing with their dogs has yet again became another controversial topic in many online communities.

In particular, rising streamer SleepyMia claims that Twitch banned her simply for playing with her dog.

She took it to Twitter to express her disappointment over the platform’s verdict, following her ban for animal abuse.

“I was banned for f**king animal abuse when I was playing with my f**king dog. Thank you Twitch. Me rolling and playing with my 90 lbs. pitbull, yep, glad you caught that.”

Attached to the tweet was a gif of the now-infamous moment where Alinity threw her cat overhead, for which she did not get banned.

This comes amidst the infamous Alinity scandal where back in November, a clip also went viral where the Twitch star’s dog sticks its nose where no dog ever should — while she is doing yoga on her stream.

The incident pushed many to call out the platform’s inconsistent ban policy, specifically mentioning Alinity’s now-infamous moment yet she avoided a Twitch ban somehow.

Prior to her ban, SleepyMia is a rising Twitch streamer with close to 15, 000 followers. She regularly streams titular games such as The Witcher 3 and frequenting the “Just Chatting” stream category on the platform.

On December 5, it seems like the Twitch starlet incurred a ban as a result of an alleged “animal abuse”.

She lashed out at the streaming platform and their “special treatment” over Alinity, who notoriously avoided bans or suspensions despite having animal-related issues in the past.

Explaining the situation further, she revealed that she was banned over her dog’s audible yelps in one stream.

She was quick to denounce these claims, arguing that her pet dog rarely makes noise and none of her viewers even made any complaints.

“Now that I know the reason I am furious. They will not send me clips of the alleged “abuse.” No one in a chat of 100-140 people called out the alleged “abuse.” No clips of this incident exist. They said there were “audible yelps”

My dog doesn’t even make noise LMAO.”

The alleged yelps likely came from her second dog, who suffers from a collapsing trachea and so makes some unusual sounds— or so SleepyMia claims.

Eitherway, this is not the first time for the platform to be called out for having preferential treatment. Many users argue that the sites’ community guidelines are inconsistently enforced.

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