Ninja Saying that Fortnite is Harder than Professional Sports got Fans Divided

Ninja Saying that Fortnite is Harder than Professional Sports got Fans Divided

In a now-deleted Tweet, professional gamer and streamer Ninja went on to say how Fortnite, a video game designed for children, is harder than professional football.

“Fornite requires movement, editing, building, rotating, and hitting shots… A kicker’s job is LITERALLY to kick.”

The particular post got hundreds of responses from Twitter users, with the majority accusing Ninja of being ignorant of the skill involved in athletic sports.

A fellow streamer was quick to denounce Ninja for his controversial sentiments.

“Ninja doesn’t understand the level of fucking physical fitness it takes to kick that goddamn ball. A man who is built like a fucking bird is coming down on pro athletes.

Fortnite has a lot of buttons to press from the comfort of my ac controlled studio”

He further went on to say if Ninja was a kicker who missed the field goal and gets tackled, he’d be the type of person to rage quit life after being rushed to the ER.

This tweet garnered mass support of over 2.4k likes and over 15.7k likes as of writing.

Saying that Fortnite is harder than professional sports may be his personal opinion, but it might also be entire sarcasm from Ninja’s part.

Many fans also disagreed with the Fortnite pro’s point of view, saying that if he missed a kick in football, Ninja would hop on Twitter to rant about being “game-sniped”.

He’d probably say the game was rigged just like how he often rants about getting killed instead of accepting he got bested by others.

One user even went on to say they were never a fan of Ninja, as they got a sense of arrogance and entitlement from the streamer.

“I always got the sense of arrogance (not playfulness), and entitlement from the way he treats his viewers, and those who disagreed with him… but now to belittle other sports in order to validate his own e-sport is kinda confirming it.”

The barrage of angry responses pushed the star to delete both his tweets, with a new tweet criticizing people for challenging his opinion.

“One thing I learned today is if I’m curious and unsure of something, is to never ask for the internet’s opinion because I am getting f****** roasted.”

Sports and esports don’t compare too well, though.

Comparing both can be rather tricky, especially when they’re literally so different. It’s like comparing apples to oranges!

Then again, Ninja’s one for using the power of social media for clout and influence.

He previously said that the world-renowned singer-rapper Drake used him for clout back when they played Fortnite together.

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