YouTube Releases Rewind 2019 Wrap-up Video

YouTube released their annual ‘Rewind’ wrap-up video that featured online personalities PewDiePie, MrBeast, Shane Dawson dominating the lists.

After last year’s Rewind became the most-disliked YouTube video of all time, the platform accordingly changed the format of the video retrospective.

This year, lists of top trending videos, based on data that includes views, subscriptions, likes, social mentions, and more were included in the video rather than the usual high-production musical numbers in the past.

The backlash from the previous Rewind was even addressed, including reactions from such YouTubers as Casey Neistat, RiceGum, and H3H3’s Ethan Klein before presenting this year’s most-liked content.

Most Liked Creator Videos

Youtube star Shane Dawson came in at tenth place with his viral “Conspiracy Theories” video, thanks to its investigation on Chuck E. Cheese’s pizzas.

Beauty icon James Charles also landed in seventh place thanks to his “No More Lies” video, addressing the rift with his mentor Tati Westbrook after accusing him of using his fame to manipulate fans.

Pewdiepie, the undisputed Youtube superstar, made the list in second place with the documentary of his wedding day to wife Marzia gaining over 4.7 million likes.

MrBeast dominated the list for this year with his “Make This The Most Liked Video on YouTube” video, garnering over 10.9 million likes. It’s also now the most liked non-music video on the site.

Most Viewed Creators

Names like “Lazarbeam” and “Azzyland” made Youtube’s top 10 most viewed content creators list, with MrBeast once again in the mix at 7th place. He gathered a total of 2.2 billion views from his generous cash giveaways and many other viral challenges.

Dude Perfect also made the cut at 2.3 billion views from their impressive stunt work, and vlogger David Dobrik landed in fifth place with over 2.4 billion views, despite hefty revenue loss over the platform’s “Adpocalypse”.

Gamer “Jelly”, artist “Pencilmation”, and icon “Felipe Neto” scored fourth, third, and second place respectively. Pewdiepie still continues to reign as Youtube’s undisputed number 1 icon at 4 billion views.

Most Viewed Video Games

Competing with big streaming platforms like Twitch and Mixer, Youtube is set on becoming one of the leading platforms for gaming content. As such, here are some of the most viewed video games for the past year.

Roblox is at fifth place, Garena Free Fire at fourth, and Grand Theft Auto in third with a combined 36.9 billion views.

Two years later, Fortnite is still considered a viral free-to-play battle royale game— topping the list at second place with 60.9 billion views.

Dominating the list however is the famous sandbox game Minecraft, with over 100.2 billion views.

Did your favorite Youtubers make the cut? Go check the entire clip below!

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