David Dobrik Discloses Hefty Loss in YouTube Earnings

YouTube icon David Dobrik highlighted the shocking loss on how much he earns from Youtube following the “Adpocalypse” which affected many creators.

In case you haven’t heard of him before (which is unlikely if you spend a lot of time on the internet), David Dobrik is known for his iconic four minutes and 20-second vlog series on YouTube which has gained him an incredible number of followers at 14.5 Million.

The famous content creator pulls in millions of views for each vlog uploaded to his channel, primarily documenting his action-packed lifestyle.

Much to many fans’ surprise, however, he recently revealed that he was earning much less revenue from ads than he was before in an exclusive interview with Men’s Health.

Many creators prefer to stay quiet about how much they earn from the video sharing platform, but Dobrik was different. He felt that he owed it to disclose said information to those who were curious.

On the 0:38 mark of the video, the Youtuber began to discuss the topic.

“I feel like this is an interesting thing that not many people talk about.”

“Its weird to talk about money I guess but as a kid my biggest fascination was like how much do these YouTubers make, so I feel like I owe it to myself as a younger kid to talk about this.”

“Some YouTubers started to get paid a lot less because their content wasn’t friendly and I was one of those people.”

Because of the “Adpocalypse”, which saw many advertisers pull out of YouTube, many channels suffered massive loss of revenue including his.

He highlighted the massive difference in how much he earns from the platform and just how much of an impact it had on him, revealing the hefty earnings he made from ad revenue in the early days of his career.

“My cheque each month for that time would be a little over $275,000.”

“Two years ago it got cut, now I get 200 million views (on a monthly basis), more than three times the amount of views I was getting before, but my now my paycheck is under $2,000, which is crazy.”

Factors such as his unlicensed use of copyrighted songs and how his content has become less advertiser-friendly over time may have also played key roles in his massive revenue loss.

Dobrik also confessed how he made more money waiting tables at a retirement home than from his current YouTube Ad revenue.

However, the Youtube star remains unwavering. He was positive that there could be other ways for him to gain more ad revenue.

Watch the video:

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