Pink Sparkles Deletes Drama-Laden Pokimane Subtweet

Pink Sparkles was quick to delete a drama-laden subtweet many fans believe were for Twitch streamer Pokimane.

In a now deleted tweet, she boldly said:

“Imagine unfollowing other male streamers..

because you don’t want your own viewers (as a female streamer) to think you might be romantically interested in them..

so that you can keep up the girlfriend material status for more money…

Can’t relate.”

Along with a face vomiting emoji, to clearly show her disdain.

For your reference, subtweeting is the act of tweeting about someone and offering your opinion on fresh drama. What makes it different is the way it avoids saying the person’s name specifically.

In most cases, it drives people to figure out who is talking about whom.

Pink_Sparkles has a total of 815K followers on her Twitch channel, where she’s famous for playing League of Legends and showing her adult cosplays to her fans.

This subtweet by hers was believed to be for Pokimane, who unfollowed male streamers Hasan and Myth shortly after collaborating with them.

Pokimane is a famous Twitch content creator, where she’s established her number #1 female streamer ranking. She showcases her gaming experiences most notably with League of Legends and Fortnite to her 3.5 million followers.

In some streams, Poki collaborates with other streamers for Fortnite duos among others.

Some fans are convinced Poki leeched off these big shot male streamers, and when their channel started to die she did what she had to do — ditch and unfollow them.

Others are speculating she unfollowed them to keep her followers thinking she isn’t romantically involved with any of the two, and thus getting to keep the girlfriend material status.

Twitch enthusiasts were quick to share their two cents about the ongoing drama between the pair.

“I thought my life was boring but people following and caring about this shit are at another level.”
“Wow women really do love to tear each other down.”
“Some parts of Twitch kinda starting to look like a light version of Hollywood – a cesspool.”
“Why do women hate each other so much??”

Whatever the reason, it sure gave way for middle school drama to begin between the two female streamers involved.

Perhaps now is the perfect time for Poki to sing that Mariah Carey song, “Why you so obsessed with me?”

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